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What's with the MoJo love from FBG this week? (1 Viewer)

Arnold. S

I'm wondering why Footballguys are so optimistic about Maurice Jones-Drew's matchup against TEN this week. He's ranked ahead of guys like LT, Willie Parker, and Marshawn Lynch. Mojo had 5 carries for 13 yds in week 1 against the Titans and the Titans Defense hasn't gotten worse since from what I know. Is it because the Jags are playing at home?

Not that I'm a big fan of MJD just because I own him but let's take a look t the guys you are comparing him to..........

LT-Clearly supposed to be a better player but he also faces the Steelers who have arguable the best run defense in the league. Plus, right now LT is a shell of his former self.

Lynch-Has been sharing carries with Jackson all year and performing nowhere near to expectations.

Parker-Coming back from a major injury, supposedly wearing a harness or brace of some sort, and Moore is also very much part of the action.

Now I'm not saying I " think" that MJD is going to outperform all these guys, odds are against that happening, but with Matt Jones possibly missing this game MJD will likely be the focal points of their offense. Plus, projections are OPINIONS based on what one guys thinks, they're not a science.

By all means, if you disgree with the projections and own any of those guys mentioned, start them over MJD.

I admit I, as an MJD owner, saw where he was ranked as well and said "uh, yea, ok guys" :thumbup:

I'm not starting MJD, but I'm glad I already started Thom Jones. That o-line needs to get healthy before I start him against a good run defense.


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