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Wheelhouse - NFL Playoff Fantasy Contest (1 Viewer)


Wheelhouse - NFL Playoff Fantasy Contest

Here's the rules!!!


NO MORE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED - Rosters are locked and recorded.


12 positions to fill - 12 teams in the playoffs. *Choose only 1 player from each team to fill the 12 positions* (all 12 teams must have one and only one participant)

For example - if you choose McNabb as one of your QB's you can't choose Westbrook as a RB.

No more entires or roster edits will be allowed after noon ET on Sat. Jan 8th, 2005

One favor: if you do edit your picks, please do so in your orig. post as opposed to creating a new post with your new, updated picks. This way I won't have any duplicate entries when I'm tallying up everyone's picks.



Scoring format:

Passing yards: 25 yards = 1 pt

Rushing yards: 10 yards = 1 pt

Receiving yards: 10 yards = 1 pt

Reception: 1 pt

Touchdown (rush/rec/pass): 6 pts

2 pt conv: 2 pts

FG: 3 pts

PAT: 1 pt

Defense sack: 1 pt

Defense/ST turnover: 2 pts

Defense/ST TD: 6 pts

Safety: 5 pts

Fill this roster with one player from each team













Tie breaker: total points scored in the Super Bowl

Teams to choose from:


New England


San Diego



NY Jets

Green Bay



St. Louis


Good luck!! :thumbup:

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QB: Peyton ManningQB: Brett FavreRB: LT2RB: Corey DillonRB: Shaun AlexanderWR: Plaxico Buress WR: Nate BurlesonWR: Torry HoltTE: Al CrumplerK: Jason ElamD: NYjets D: Philly Tie Breaker : 54

Good for you, Wheelhouse. I was just putting the finishing touches on mine, bur now I don't have to. My lineup was almost the same except I had 4WR and only 1 DEF/ST.Thanks for doing this.

Here's mineQB: Manning INDQB: Culpepper MINRB: Dillon NERB: Alexander SEARB: Westbrook PHIWR: T. Holt STLWR: R. Smith DENWR: Walker GBTE: Gates SDK: Jeff Reed PITDef/ST: NY JetsDef/ST: AtlantaTie breaker: 44 points scored in SB

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QB: Favre, GBQB: Manning, INDRB: Dillon, NERB: Bettis, PITRB: Tomlinson, SDWR: Holt, STLWR: D. Jackson, SEAWR: R. Smith, DENTE: Crumpler, ATLK: Brien, NYJDef/ST: MinnesotaDef/ST: PhiladelphiaTiebreaker: 48 pts. scored in Super Bowl

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QB: Brett Favre - GB

QB: Donovan McNabb - PHI

RB: Corey Dillon - NE

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson - SD

RB: Steven Jackson - STL

WR: Marvin Harrison - IND

WR: Darrell Jackson - SEA

WR: Randy Moss - MIN

K: Jeff Reed - PIT

DEF/ST: New York Jets

DEF/ST: Atlanta Falcons

Tie Breaker: 51 pts

QB: McNabbQB: ManningRB: MartinRB: DunnRB: AlexanderWR: WalkerWR: HoltWR: MossTE: GatesK: ElamDEF: PITDEF: NETie: 45 pts. :stillers:

QB: McNabb, Phil.QB: Culpepper, Minn.RB: Tomlinson, SDRB: Alexander, Sea.RB: Martin, NYJWR: Holt, STL.WR: Harrison, Ind.WR: Walker, GBTE: Putizer, Den.K: Vinatieri, NEDef/ST: AtlantaDef/ST: PittsburghTie breaker: 55

QB: Manning QB: FavreRB: DillonRB: WestbrookRB: TomlinsonWR: BurressWR: HoltWR: R. MossTE: CrumplerK: J. Brown, SEADef/ST: NY JETSDef/ST: DENVERTie breaker: 48 points

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QB: ManningQB: VickRB: WestbrookRB: DillonRB: AlexanderWR: WalkerWR: HoltWR: MossTE: GatesK: ReedDef/ST: NYJDef/ST: DenTie breaker: 38

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My Squad:QB ManningQB FavreRB WestbrookRB DillonRB AlexanderWR RMossWR HoltWR BurressTE GatesK Feeely - ATLD DenD NYJTie Breaker: 58Thanks Wheelhouse.

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QB: ManningQB: McNabbRB: DillonRB: AlexanderRB: TomlinsonWR: Randy MossWR: Javon WalkerWR: HoltTE: CrumplerK: ElamDef/ST: PittsburghDef/ST: NYJTotal points: 37

Thanks Wheelhouse !ManningFavreWestbrookTomlinsonDillonMossWardHoltGatesElamAtlantaNY JetsTie Breaker: 48

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QB: Peyton Manning (Indy)QB: Daunte Culpepper (Minn)RB: Brian Westbrook Phi)RB: Warrick Dunn (Atl)RB: Corey Dillon (NE)WR: Javon Walker (GB)WR: Torry Holt (St Louis)WR: Darrell Jackson (Sea)TE: Antonio Gates (SD)K: Jason Elam (Den)Def/ST: PittsburghDef/ST: NY JetsTie breaker: 46Thanks Wheelhouse!! :thumbup:

QB:Manning IndQB:Vick AtlRB:Tomlinson SDRB:Westbrook PhilRB:Alexander SeaWR:Driver GBWR:Moss MinnWR:Ward PittTE:Putzier DenK:Vinateri NEDef/ST:jetsDef/ST:ramsTie B 51Thanks Dubya

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this sounds fun!QB: ManningQB: BradyRB: CuMartRB: AlexanderRB: WestbrookWR: Randy MossWR: BruceWR: BurressTE: Gates K: ElamDef/ST: FalconsDef/ST: Green BayTie breaker: 20 (really... I dunno why)EDITED: to claify RANDY as the Moss in question

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QB: BradyQB: VickRB: WestbrookRB: DillonRB: BettisWR: HarrisonWR: WalkerWR: MossTE: CrumplerK: AkersDef/ST: GBDef/ST: PittTie breaker: 38
***THREAD HIJACK ALERT***Hey wannabee,Who are the pancakER and the pancakEE in your avatar?
QB: Brees - SDQB: Favre - GBRB: Martin - NYJRB: Alexander - SeaRB: Bettis - PittWR: Harrison - IndWR: Holt - StLWR: Moss - MinnTE: Graham - NEK: Akers - PhiDef/ST: Atlanta - AtlDef/ST: Denver - DenTie breaker: 65

Here's mine:QB: Peyton ManningQB: Tom BradyRB: LaDainian TomlinsonRB: Edgerrin JamesRB: Corey DillonWR: Darrell JacksonWR: Marvin HarrisonWR: Reggie WayneTE: Antonio GatesK: Adam VinatieriDef/ST: SteelersDef/ST: Patriots Tie breaker: 42

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QB: Brett Favre (GB)QB: Peyton Manning (Ind)RB: Corey Dillon (NE)RB: Curtis Martin (NYJ)RB: Shaun Alexander (SEA)WR: Randy Moss (MIN)WR: Rod Smith (DEN)WR: Torry Holt (STL)TE: Antonio Gates (SD)PK: David Akers (PHI)D: AtlantaD: PittsburghTie Breaker: 55 pts.

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QB: Peyton ManningQB: Donovan McNabbRB: LaDanian TomlinsonRB: Corey DillonRB: Jerome BettisWR: Javon WalkerWR: Torry HoltWR: Randy MossTE: Alge CrumplerK: Josh BrownDef/ST: New YorkDef/ST: DenverTiebreaker: 49 pts.

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Here's mine:QB: Peyton ManningRB: Edgerrin JamesWR: Marvin HarrisonWR: Reggie WayneQB: Tom BradyRB: Corey DillonK: Adam VinatieriDef/ST: PatriotsRB: LaDainian TomlinsonTE: Antonio Gates
There's a lot of posters in this thread that didn't catch the one guy per team thing.
QB: McNabb (PHI)QB: Brady (NE)RB: Tomlinson (SD)RB: Martin (NYJ)RB: Alexander (SEA)WR: Holt (STL)WR: Harrison (IND)WR: R. Moss (MIN)TE: Putzier (DEN)K: Longwell (GB)Def/ST: PittDef/ST: AtlantaTie-breaker: 37

QB:ManningQB:BulgerRB:LT2RB:S. AlexanderRB:C. MartinWR:J. WalkerWR:R. MossWR:R. SmithTE: A. CrumplerK: Adam VinatieriDef/ST: PhilDef/ST: PittTie breaker: 38 points

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QB: Peyton Manning, INDQB: Brett Favre, GBRB: Brian Westbrook, PHIRB: Shaun Alexander, SEARB: LaDanian Tomlinson, SDWR: Torry Holt, STLWR: Randy Moss, MINWR: Rod Smith, DENTE: Alge Crumpler, ATLK: Adam Vinatieri, NEDef/ST: PittsburghDef/ST: New York JetsTie Breaker: 52

Thanks for the interesting info AND this contest hosting!QB: Peyton Manning (IND)QB: Brett Favre (GB)RB: LT2 (SD)RB: Curtis Martin (NYJ)RB: Brian Westbrook (PHI)WR: Hines Ward (PIT)WR: D Jackson (SEA)WR: Torry Holt (STL)TE: Jermaine Wiggins (MIN)K: Jason Elam (DEN)D: Patriots D: Falcons TIE BREAKER 64

There's a lot of posters in this thread that didn't catch the one guy per team thing.
Anyone who does not follow the one man per team guidelines will not have their roster entry count. Who are the others besides Sinrman who have illegal rosters?

Here's mineQB McNabbQB ManningRB AlexanderRB L.T.RB MartinWR HoltWR MossWR WalkerTE CrumplerK VinateriD DenverD PittsburghTie-breaker 42

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QB - FavreQB - RothlisbergerRB - TomlinsonRB - MartinRB - DillonWR - HarrisonWR - MossWR - HoltTE - SmithK - FeelyD/ST - SeattleD/ST - DenverTie Breaker - 49

QB - VickQB - ManningRB - Steven JacksonRB - Brian WestbrookRB - CMartinWR - PlaxicoWR - WalkerWR - Randy MossTE - Antonio GatesK - Brown(sea)D/ST - NED/ST - DenGreat idea.

QB: Favre - GBQB: Vick - ATLRB: Westbrook - PHIRB: Bettis - PITRB: Dillon - NEWR: Lelie - DENWR: Stokely - INDWR: Rice - SEATE: Wiggins - MINK: Wilkins - STLDef/ST: JetsDef/ST: CargersTie breaker:71

QB: Manning - IndQB: Favre GB RB: Tomlinson - SDRB: Martin - NYJRB: Dillon - NEWR: RSmith - DenWR: Moss - MinWR: Holt - StlTE: Stevens - SEAK: Akers - PhiDef/ST: Atl Def/ST: SteelersTie breaker: 53

QB: BradyQB: VickRB: TomlinsonRB: AlexanderRB: BettisWR: WalkerWR: MossWR: HarrisonTE: PutzierK: WilkinsDef/ST: PhiladelphiaDef/ST: New YorkTie breaker: 47

QB: Peyton Manning (Colts)QB: Marc Bulger (Rams)RB: Brian Westbrook (Eagles)RB: Shaun Alexander (Seahawks)RB: Cory Dillon (Patriots)WR: Javon Walker (Packers)WR: Plaxico Burress (Steelers)WR: Nate Burleson (Vikings)TE: Antonio Gates (Chargers)K: AJ Feeley (Falcons)Def/ST: JetsDef/ST: BroncosTie Breaker: 49

QB: ManningQB: McNabbRB: DillonRB: MartinRB: AlexanderWR: R. MossWR: H. WardWR: Rod SmithTE: GatesK: LongwellDef/ST: RamsDef/ST: FalconsTie breaker: 45

QB: McNabb, PHIQB: Culpepper, MINRB: Tomlinson, SDRB: Alexander, SEARB: Dillon, NEWR: Harrison, INDWR: Walker, GBWR: Holt, STLTE: Putzier, DENK: Feely, ATLDef/ST: PittsburghDef/ST: New York JetsTie breaker: 58pts

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QB: Manning, ColtsQB: Bulger, RamsRB: Martin, Jets RB: Alexander, SeahawksRB: Dunn, FalconsWR: Moss, VikingsWR: Walker, PackersWR: Burress, SteelersTE: Gates, ChargersK: Elam, DenverDef/ST: PatriotsDef/ST: EaglesPoints in SB=56

QB: Manning, INDQB: McNabb, PHIRB: Tomlinson, SDRB: Dillon, NERB: Martin, NYJWR: Holt, STLWR: Moss, MINWR: Walker, GBTE: Crumpler, ATLK: Elam, DENDef/ST: SeattleDef/ST: PittsburghTie breaker: 64 pts

QB: P.ManningQB: B.FavreRB: L.TomlinsonRB: C.DillonRB: S.AlexanderWR: H.WardWR: R.MossWR: T.HoltTE: A.CrumplerK: J.ElamD: NYJ D: PHITB:50

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QB: Manning (IND)QB: Favre (GB)RB: Westbrook (PHI)RB: Dunn (ATL)RB: Tomlinson (SD)WR: Burress (PIT)WR: Smith (DEN)WR: Branch (NE)TE: Wiggins (MIN)K: Wilkins (STL)Def/ST: SEADef/ST: NYJTiebreaker: 44

QB: Peyton Manning, IndQB: Donovan McNabb, PhiRB: LaDainian Tomlinson, SDRB: Shaun Alexander, SeaRB: Corey Dillon, NEWR: Javon Walker, GBWR: Torry Holt, StLWR: Randy Moss, MinTE: Alge Crumpler, AtlK: Jason Elam, DenDef/ST: Pittsburgh SteelersDef/ST: New York JetsTie Breaker 45 pts.

QB Manning INDQB McNabb PHIRB Dillon NERB Tomlinson SDRB Alexander SEAWR Walker GBWR Holt STLWR Burress PITTE Wiggins MINK Elam DEND Jets NYJD Falcons ATLTiebreaker: 53

QB: P.ManningQB: B.FavreRB: L.TomlinsonRB: WestbrookRB: S.AlexanderWR: P BurressWR: R.MossWR: T.HoltTE: A.CrumplerK: J.ElamD: NYJ D: N-ETB:51

QB: Peyton ManningQB: Brett FavreRB:Cory DillonRB: LaDanian TomlinsonRB: Sean AlexanderWR: Torry HoltWR: Randy MossWR: Plaxico BurressTE: A. CrumplerK: D. AkersDef/ST: DenverDef/ST: NY JetsTie breaker: 57 Points

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Ben RothlesbergerDonovan McNabbTory HOltMarvin HarrisonJavon WalkerCorey DillonShaun AlexanderAntonio GatesMorten AndersonJets DBroncos DEdit: Tie Breaker 55 points

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QB: Plummer, DenQB: Manning, IndyRB: LT, SDRB: Dillon, NERB: Martin, NYJWR: Moss, MinnWR: Jackson, SeaWR: Holt, St.LTE: Crumpler, AtlK: Longwell, GBDef/ST: PittDef/ST: PhillyTie breaker: total points scored in the Super Bowl44

QB Hasselback SeaQB Favre GBRB Tomlinson SDRB Martin NYJRB DillonWR Harrison IndWR Holt StLWR Moss MinnTE Crumpler AtlK Akers PhilD PittsburghD Denvertie breaker 55 pts.

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QB: Donovan McNabb (PHI)QB: Mike Vick (ATL)RB: Shaun Alexander (SEA)RB: Corey Dillon (NWE)RB: Curtis Martin (NYJ)WR: Randy Moss (MIN)WR: Marvin Harrison (IND)WR: Javon Walker (GB)TE: Antonio Gates (SD)K: Jeff Wilkins (STL)Def/ST: Pittsburgh (PIT)Def/ST: Denver (DEN)EDIT: Tiebreaker - 43

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