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when are you drafting idp in rookie dynasty drafts? (1 Viewer)


I'm in a dynasty league with a full IDP (2 LB, 2 DL, 1 EDR, 2 DB, and 1 def flex).  Basic scoring (1 point tackle, 2 point sack, 2 point turnover recovered).

At what point do you start looking for IDP players?  Right now I'm thinking of using WR James Washington, TE Dalles Goedert, QB Lamar Jackson, and RB Jordan Wilkins as my triggers.

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The drafts ive done this year I’ve seen IDP as early as 1.10. If scoring is balanced I probably look at smith and edmunds around the turn. 

Wtf is an EDR?

Yes, just about any IDP rookie draft I've done or seen, Smith and Edmunds have gone late 1st or early 2nd.

The league I play in is a 14 teamer dynasty full IDP 1.2 ppt, 5 pts/sack, 3 ppfr, 2 ppi among other scoring.  The top LB was ppg equivalent to about RB25/WR27.

I took Roquan Smith off the board as the first D player picked at 2.07.  That ball park of the rookie O players you listed was just around that area of our draft.

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