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When To Expect Payout for Internet leagues? (1 Viewer)

Mr. Know-It-All

Already been resolved. Turns out it will be a keeper league - and the only holdup was the commish was waiting for a rebate from CBSSPORTSLINE (promised but never delivered). Best league I have ever been in and I got lucky enough to win it thanks to some welll timed injuries and personnel changes.

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Yeah you should have heard something by now. I'd email them one more time and if no response then leak the username and let the hogpile begin.

Get ready for:

"Sorry my computer was down"

"I was out of town on vacation"

"We still had to collect fees from ____ & _____ & _____...damn slow payers"

"I gave the $ to ________ to hold and he's been hard to get in touch with since his kid came down with ______"

" My hemorrhoids flared up really bad and I've been on my back for 2 months"

"My dog ate it"

Baseball is way too long of a season to win and not get paid, regardless of the amount.

I like Icon's suggestion.

I'd expect all payments to be received by late October at the latest.

I won a few Sportsline leagues and I didn't receive payments until mid-November - December. But at least I was confident that payment was being processed :tinfoilhat:

IMO anything over two weeks and you should at least be getting an explanation of why its late.

Can't say we have these problems, Forrest is a great Commish.


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