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When your draft is "too good" ... (Y! $ league, 12-team, 2QB, w/ IDP) (1 Viewer)


So I play in one Y! 12-team 2QB cash league with 7 starters on Offense and 7 IDP ( + K + DEF). During the draft, the other guys went to IDP fairly early, at least by my taste, as I feel offensive players are much scarcer than IDP, at least once the top 10 or so LBs are off the board. I felt I could easily put a defense together after the draft, and I am generally pleased with the IDPs available as FAs.


Since I drafted to my tastes, I don't have anyone left I am comfortable cutting until after Week 1, meaning my defensive roster would have 2 holes in it ( + no K ) meaning I would likely lose my Week 1 match. It is kind of absurd, really- to have so many good players it is a curse. The league is 1.0 PPR, and defensive stats are roughly doubled from Y! standard values, meaning top IDPs can score highly.

Here are the players I have on my offense's roster as backups (I already consciously lost Foles to picking up one IDP):

Alex Smith

Marquis Goodwin

Julian Edelman

Kelvin Benjamin

Matt Breida

Alfred Morris

Bilal Powell

Corey Clement

James Conner

Austin Ekeler

Latavius Murray

It's a Cash league, with guys I've never met, and I play for cash, not for finishing at 60%. 

Has anyone else ever been in this situation, thinking your team is so strong you might need to tank Week 1?

Specifically at RB, I am not convinced on the season-long health of Ajayi or Cook, I believe B Powell will dominate RB scoring for NYJ and I love Ekeler outright. And, I *really* want to see what SF does before I make a cut there. Regarding WR, Peterman seems to target Benjamin every pass.

FA IDPs: M Garrett, J Hicks, D. Slay, B. Chubb, E. Weddle (need 2 generic "D"s to complete roster).

PS The suspended IDPs (Foster, Bradham, Burfict) are also FAs, meaning I can "invest" in them after Week 1.

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If Bell reports Conner is an easy drop, if not then Murray and Ekeler-don't fall in love with players who have a really good player in their way.


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