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When your payout check bounces (1 Viewer)


I got a call from my bank today and the winnings check from three leagues I was in this year bounced. This company has been running around 100 dynasty leagues for 7-8 years now. Assuming I get another check what should I do? I already renewed my teams for next year, should I assume it was a mistake and stay with them? Play this year and see what happens? Ask for my money back and run like hell? Should I try and warn the rest of my league mates? I would hate to break up a bunch of dynasty leagues because someone wrote the checks out of the wrong check book.

Email the league commissioner? Maybe sign it with an italian last name to sound more threatening.
Yo commish, my ####### check bounced and if you don't make it right in three days I'm going to send some guys your way to beat it out of you. You think you're ####### better than me.
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