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Where are the Seahawk fans in Detroit? (1 Viewer)


Steve M. said on the NFL network that he has never seen a superbowl that had a fanbase so one sided to one team. All you see is black and gold. His exact words were "you would be hard pressed to find a seahawk fan here"

Can't wait until game time to see the crowd waving their towels.

I heard on talk radio this morning they're expecting the split to be 70-30 Pitt-Sea fans, maybe even 80-20. Wow.

Are there actually "Seahawks fans?"

I have very rarely met a Seahawks fan or seen any Seahawks jersey's or anything until about a week or so ago. Bandwagon madness.

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I was downtown last night and I didn't see ONE Seahawk jersey, however it seemed like I saw a Steelers jersey everytime I turned around.

I live in las vegas and you would swear you were in the middle of Pittsburgh, as many jerseys, hats, shirts, towels, etc I have seen people walking around with........I have seen a few Seahawks pieces but only the past week or so and not nearly as many.

I went downtown on Friday, and met a couple Seahawk fans. They were quite vocal about the 'hawks, and very passionate. Nice guys.

But I definately saw more black and gold that green downtown.

Could it be that Pittsburgh is what a 4-5 hr Drive to Detroit.

With it being that close. Even fans with no tickets can go to the City and party for the weekend. :banned:


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