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Where are you taking a QB in leagues where all TD's are 6 pts? (1 Viewer)


I'm in a 14 teamer and have the first pick so I'm obviously taking ADP, but I'm trying to figure out what kind of Qb's are going to be available at the 2/3 turn and the 4/5 turn. So where have qb's been going in drafts like this.

Had a 14 team 6 point TD league draft yesterday

Round 1 pick 7 - Aaron Rodgers

Round 2 Pick - 7 Drew Brees

Round 2 Pick 12 - Peyton Manning

Round 2 Pick 14 - Tom Brady

Round 3 Pick 2 - cam Newton

Round 4 Pick 5 Matt Ryan

Round 4 Pick 9 - Kapernick

Round 5 Pick 4 - RGIII

Round 5 Pick 5 - Andrew Luck

Round 5 Pick 10 - Stafford

Round 7 Pick 1 - Wilson

Round 7 Pick 2 - Eli Manning

Round 7 Pick 4 - Tony Romo

Mine awards 7pts for all TDs, non-ppr, 12 teams, and has not drafted yet. I have the 2nd pick. This league has been around for a long time, so I'm expecting Brees and Rodgers to go in the 1st round at minimum and Manning/Brady to be gone before 2.11. Brees is even on my short list (which is actually kinda long now due to the questions about Foster) at 1.02. More to come...

my 12 team league has a scoring system that heavily favors the QB

All td's 6pts

1pt 25 yds pass/rush/rec


5 pt bonus at 300 yds passing

Qb's go early and often in this league. last yeat ther were 7 qb's in the first 24 picks. The last 6 champions of this league had either Rodgers, Brees or Brady.

Because the qb's go early there are some good rb's available at the end of the 2nd round.

I can't see taking anyone but Rogers or Brees in the first two rounds. After that I am happy taking the12th QB. We average 5 going in the first two rounds.

2012 high scorer took Calvin-Graham. QB in 7th and 8th (Ben?Cutler)

2011 high scorer took Calvin-Roddy. QB in 7yh and 8th (Eli/Flacco)

2010 High scorer took Rodgers-Mendenhall.


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