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Where is the best INTERNET draft coverage? (1 Viewer)

Right here big boy.
:goodposting: This is the best site because no matter if it happens on a major network or some dump backyard network, someone will post it in the shark pool within seconds of the news breaking!


They don't laugh when it comes to the draft!!!!Love Norm, nobody better at this. Sturm adds alot. More Cowboy intensive that usual, but still very informative, overall. Great Reggie Bush interview just now.

Jags Site is running a blog with longtime NFL reporter Vic Ketchman.


Some interesting comments like

2:45 pm -- Jason Allen is a top player who suffered a major hip injury early last season. The Dolphins are obviously satisfied that Allen's healed and ready to go. This is a quality pick.

2:28 pm -- The good franchises know how to draft and Philly is one of the good franchises. Wide receiver would've been the sexy pick; they made the good pick, DT Brodrick Bunkley. They lost Corey Simon and got a guy with more upside. It's a game of replacement.

2:15 pm -- The Browns had a very difficult choice between Wimbley and Bunkley. They went with the pass-rusher, Wimbley, which is a little bit of a risk because Wimbley is a tweener. Bunkley is a no-risk guy; Wimbley is a swing for the fence.

2:01 pm -- Great pick by the Ravens. Ngata is exactly what you need at defensive tackle to compete in the AFC North. In trading this pick to the Ravens, the Browns got an extra pick and only moved down one place, where they'll get the guy they want anyhow. There must've been another suitor for the Ravens to make this deal.

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