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Where to get good info on rookies with jobs now (1 Viewer)


I'm trying to get good information on few IDP rookies I've drafted, and I'm seeing different things in different spots. Previously, I only grabbed IDP rookies who either got jobs or whom were on teams I knew well. So where do you guys who've doing this for years go to get the lowdown at this time of year when things are in maximum flux - NFL decisions, and roster cutdowns for dynasty leagues? Or does it not really matter that much, because the guys we cut now will be out there once we see what happens week 1? (I don't think is true, but I throw it out there just in case.)What I've found:-NFL.com depth charts suck rotten eggs.-Newspaper coverage is of course spotty, but there are some good ones.- A few sites like Ourlads have depth charts that mostly agree, but of course I'm looking for guys where there seem to be differences of opinion.I don't want to name players, I'd rather this be a general resorce sharing kind of thread - and I undestand if some want to keep secrets.


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