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Where will T.O. play in 2009? (1 Viewer)

Assuming Owens won't be in Dallas, where does he play in 2009?

  • Oakland

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  • Cincinnati

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  • Cleveland

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  • Jacksonville

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  • Kansas City

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  • Chicago

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  • Tampa Bay

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  • Other - Please Specify

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  • No one will sign him

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Okay, with all of this "cut bait" talk for Dallas, if he is let go or traded, where do you think #81 plays next season?

I included poll options of teams that might possibly want him. My vote of course would go to Oakland.


As an Eagles fan... "We told you so!" :shrug:

i said oakland.

as far as philly's situation, it was either mcnabb or TO. they chose mcpuker. mcpuke has as big an ego as TO. no way those two could co-exist. so far jerry has chosen TO over Big Tuna, but i think he's done in Dallas after this yr.

Chose other, but didn't read far enough "assuming he isn't in Dallas"

He will be in Dallas, and all will be good after this year's SB win.

TO is JJs boy, which means he's not going anywhere.

JJ, the megalomaniac with the borderline level of football intelligence, will always do things his way, regardless of the outcome. That's why he usually hires submissive coaches, like Chan Gailey, Barry Switzer, and Dave Campo; so he can run the team from the owner's box.

The Parcells hiring was the exception that proved the rule.

Either way, the Cowboys will never win anything of significance as long as JJ remains in power. The Cowboys most fatal flaw is a complete and total lack of leadership, starting with the owner, who has managed to craft a marvelous fantasy football team while forsaking the idea that real football and fantasy football are different animals.


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