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Which 2 should I cut from Dynasty League? (1 Viewer)


Need to cut 2 players to get to the required roster limits.  Here are the players I am looking to choose from:

RB: Brown, Booker, Mack, Penny, Benjamin

I don't have any of the primary backs for these handcuffs.

I think Brown has a shot at actually winning the starting job or at least being the 1B or goal line back.  I don't think Barkley is 100% and I can see Booker being more involved until the Giants have confidence that Barkley is 100%.  Carson has yet to play a full season and I think Penny will show up this year. 

Mack was having a great year until his injury, but with JT in town, I'm guessing Mack is done, so leaning towards Mack and Benjamin to cut.

I am carrying 3 TEs and could potentially cut Hunter or Hooper and keep Mack as well

Thoughts? Thanks in advance



The clearest decision of all, in my opinion, is to keep Penny for sure. I would definitely cut Benjamin. The second cut would be between Booker and Mack for me. I would likely lean toward cutting Mack, as you have indicated.



Mack and Benjamin are easy cuts. I would probably also look at the WW and cut both Brown and hooper as well. There has to be better prospects.



Benjamin is a no brainer cut of those.  After that I cut a TE.  No need to carry three TE's unless it is a must start 2 TE league.  

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