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Which DB's will pull double duty? (1 Viewer)


Wondering if there's a list of CB's that can also be expected to double up as a kick returner.My league demands you start 2 CB's, but also allows points for return yards (1/25).I've ignored the position till now, but would like to granb a guy or two who can get me some points on returns. Thoughts?PBuch is available, I'll probably grab him on my next pick, who else is expected to make some returns in 2005?

Drayton Florence is listed as the KR for San Diego on NFL.com, but I believe that job has to go to Darren Sproles.

Thanks boys.What about Colclough in Pitt? Any Steelers fanas know if he'll be starting and/or returning kicks?

If Justin Miller wins the starting corner job in NY, that's a big IF, he'd be one of them, Kick Returner and Punt Returner.If Donnie Abraham switches his mind and decides to retire, that big "IF" becomes a smaller "if."If he doesn't, he'd still be a pretty good pickup as a nickelback. Philip Buchanon wasn't always a starter for the Raiders and still put up some pretty good numbers...


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