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Which HUGE favorite is more likely to lose this week? (1 Viewer)


  • Pats are more likely to lose

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  • Giants are more likely to lose

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Raider Nation

Devil's Advocate
I chose these two teams for the poll because they are by far the biggest favorites of the week. Both teams are favored by about 13. San Diego, Buffalo and Seattle are also big favorites, but each are favored by less than 10 points. Tons of people jumped on the Patriots and Giants in the two Survivor pools I'm in. The obvious reply will be "neither team is going to lose." But that's not the question. The question is... IF one of them loses, which team is it more likely to be.

If either one goes down, it'll knock LOTS of folks out. :wall:

i think you are actually voting which OPPONENT of these two teams can catch lightning in a bottle and I can't see Miami doing that

Cincy with it's weapons has a puncher's chance

they remind me of the STL Rams last year going down to NO and beating them when they were 0-and-something

Giants will take care of business. :shrug:

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