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Which Indy WR is the #1 (T.Y. Hilton or Da'Rick Rodgers) (1 Viewer)


I'm currently a T.Y. Hilton owner, and frankly, he's just sat on my bench most of the season since I have more reliable targets.

As a current playoff team, I want to cut off the other teams from picking up the talented receivers. My starting WRs aren't changing (Antonio Brown, Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon), so it comes down to me attempting to hate draft and block them off from the talent.

T.Y. Hilton doesn't seem like that guy now that Da'Rick Rodgers is there. Are there any Indy homers that know who is the better roster option?

I hope this doesn't come off as a WDIS or Assistant Coach esque post. It's hard to tell who the #1 is on that offense right now.

I don't think this will be answered until next season. Does Wayne come back? Is DaRick a one week wonder? Will Hilton be better as a #2? I love Rogers but wouldn't want to rely on him this year.

If you use the metric of which Colts WR gets the most attention from opposing defenses, then the answer is TY by a significant margin (this is post-Wayne injury).

I think it's likely that coverage softens a bit if opposing cooridinators view Rogers and Brazill as legitimate options.

If you go by the better overall talent, then it's Rogers. Rogers I believe, is the only WR in 2013 to finish in the top 5 of every drill.

At the scouting combine in Indianapolis, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds while also posting top receiver numbers in the vertical leap (39.5 inches), broad jump (132 inches), three-cone drill (6.71 seconds), 20-yard shuttle (4.06 seconds) and 60-yard shuttle (11.31 seconds).




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