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I have Antonio Pierce but I don't like his chances for a big game against STL this weekend. Our league scores 1pt per tackle/sack/int/ff/fr so guys with high tackles totals are prefered. All of the players below are available on our WW and I'm thinking about picking one of them up for this week. Which matchup do you think has the best chance for a big game?C June vs TenK Morrison vs DalKassell vs IndD Clark vs DalBarnett vs CafrD Jones vs KCFletcher vs NOVrabel vs SDD Williams vs MinBrooking vs MinK Mitchell vs PhiO Thurman vs HouGold vs JacVanden Bosch vs IndA Wilson vs JacJ Peterson vs AriJ Sharper vs WasMorgan vs GBThanks.

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:confused: What kind of IDP league has June, Fletcher, Brooking, Gold, Wilson, Peterson and Morgan on the WW?!?!
:confused: What kind of IDP league has June, Fletcher, Brooking, Gold, Wilson, Peterson and Morgan on the WW?!?!
I think it's safe to assume he's not in a full blown IDP league. I'm not in an IDP league also; however, in my league we start two IDP players instead of a team defense, in addition to our roster of offensive players and I'll admit I'll check in here every once in a while for some advice. Every little bit of help counts.
With those options you will likely pick up one of the lowest point total guys of the week. Take your pick for the most part because any of them has a chance just as much as another. If I were you I would try to pick a player and stick with them.


We start 4 DL's, 5 LB's, 4 DB's

I WISH some of these guys were out there on waivers!

I wouldn't want to be in a league that had those players available, you wouldn't have to think about the IDP part of it. Wouldn't have to worry about having an injury because of all the players out there.In my leagues I think the only player on that list available is Bosch.

Thanks guys. I should have explained why so many good players are still on our WW. We are a 12 team league with a 15 man roster. On defense we start 1 DB, 1 DL (includes LB's) and 1 Flex. The reason I was thinking of picking someone up for this week is that I currently have Pierce, T McGee, Zach Thomas and Mike Brown; Thomas and Brown both have byes this week. And after the Giant's defensive performance last week and St Louis' unwillingness to get Steven Jackson involved in the offense I don't trust that Pierce will see many tackles this week.So, anyone else see a matchup that looks favorable?


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