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which NFL teams have thrown in the towel? (1 Viewer)


A slight tangent, but I've become much less enamored with the idea of tanking. As someone who is analytics focused, I get the logic. But I think the team/coaches feeling like the FO is undermining them with tanking hurts more than you gain with increased draft pick value.

This is in part because draft picks are so volatile.

Really tanking is only worth it to get a QB. If you're a bottom-5 team, even an elite DE or OT isn't saving your team. And the history of top 5 teams is bleak - even after tanking for Luck, Tua, Lawrence, WInston etc.

Of the Top 5 QBs I don't know who you're happy with outside of Joe Burrow. You're 5x more likely to get a Baker Mayfield or Trubisky or Goff than a Mahomes or Allen (who were outside the top 5). I've come to suspect that a continued focus on winning even in dire odds (I think the Steelers are a good example right now) leads to better long term results than tanking.

The goal is likely to get a top 6-15 pick to get in range for the second or third ranked QB (who almost always end up better).
Mac Jones apologist? :D
Ha! I mean, Jones was the 5th QB so... :biggrin:

This is a real tangent, but it's wild to me you have a second-year QB in a critical development stage and you bring in MATT PRATICIA and JOE JUDGE to run your offense. BB will likely go down as the greatest coach in NFL history but that's a bizarrely stupid decision. Kind of like hiring a retired offensive linemen with no coaching experience to head coach your billion dollar franchise.

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