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which of these guys will be the Lions pick (1 Viewer)


I have seen a lot of mocks over the last week and on those mocks they have these guys going to Detroit.Jimmy Williams - CB - Virginia TechJay Cutler - QB - VanderbiltChad Greenway - LB - IowaA.J. Hawk - LB - Ohio StMathius Kiwanuka - DE - Boston CollegeD'Brickashaw Ferguson - OT - VirginiaTamba Hali - DE - Penn StMarcus McNeil - OT - AuburnWinston Justice - OT - USCMatt Leinart - QB - Souther CalSo which will be the Lions pick at the 9 spot?

Lienart, Cutler, Hawk and Ferguson will be long gone by the Lions pick so count them out unless they trade up. There are no WR on that list so I stamp it invalid......


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