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Which player is wasting away on your bench...just couldn't move hi (1 Viewer)

Sweet Love

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As the trade deadline looms (or has past), do you have any players that are wasting away on your bench and you were just not able to move? Over the years, I usually have felt that with bye weeks or just general depth (I tend to play in 12 team leagues) I have not really owned quality players that have languished on my bench...and if so, I was able to move that player. Maybe the advent of the flex position (some leagues have multiple) has made it so that your best players tend to "see the field", but this is the first year I can remember (after 17 years in the hobby), that I have two top 5 players on my team, and can only play one.

Specifically, I am curious if there is a trend this year in regards to owners having two top 5 guys at the TE and/or QB position? With upstarts like Phillip Rivers at QB and Julius Thomas/Jordan Cameron at TE, there is easily a chance they were paired up with a guy like Manning or Graham and now are languishing away on your bench. Personally, I have Thomas on my bench (I play Graham each week) and am getting nothing out of him. The way things turned out, no one in my league had TE issues (or at least major enough to trade away depth at another position). Don't get me wrong, it is great insurance, but in a "play 1 TE league", I am just stuck.

In my leagues I often had Graham/Cameron. Could not move either for ages. Lots of TEs started out hot so many owners felt fine at the position. Also, they didn't trust Cameron and didn't want to pay for Graham. I finally moved Cameron just before he slowed down.

DeAngelo was another I couldn't move for anything, even though he was at least decent depth for bye weeks. Everyone knew Stewart was coming down the pike.

Doug Martin also had no biters; everyone feared his numbers under Glennon.

My inability to make trades in one league this year has convinced me never to play in a league without flex spots again if I can help it.

I have AlMo / Murray / D-Will / Bernard in a must-start 2RB/3WR league where I desperately need WR help and I can't move any of the four of them for love or money. Between Morris' lack of pub (he's putting up the quietest RB1-level season in history), Murray's injury history, D-Will's committee-to-be and Bernard's pig-headed coaching staff, I've got 15-18 points on my bench every single week that's drawing no interest whatsoever. My best offer so far was Gronk for AlMo ... oh, except I had to throw in Dez Bryant too. <_<

Between the true stud RB's, those holding out hope on big names like Rice and Spiller, and lottery tickets like Stacy and Ellington getting cashed, people just don't seem to care about trying to upgrade their RB2 position any more.

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12 team redraft that always has very little trading.

Andrew Luck.

I also have Brees and haven't found an interested party for either one for anything worthwhile.

I have seen a lot of Romo stuck behind a Brees/Manning type. Hard to find someone who sucks bad enough at QB to move RB/WR.

I own Romo/Rivers and have started Romo every week. Because of Romo's late bye (week 11) I didn't try too hard too move Rivers, and I was willing to do so only for a clear upgrade at another position. Couldn't find a deal that made sense

Andre Ellington hasn't seen my lineup; no one was willing to give me much for him so I'd rather hold for bench depth

rivers...nobody wants him...picked him(tried to get a wr) up off waivers for staffords bye week ..,ah-well i'll keep him for ins.

rivers...nobody wants him...picked him(tried to get a wr) up off waivers for staffords bye week ..,ah-well i'll keep him for ins.
I tried moving Peyton, no one wanted him. Some feel paying with a lesser QB and a WR or RB was too much for a record breaking performer. We all can't be sharks, I guess.

I haven't been able to move anybody.

That's not entirely true, but it seems to me like trading in general in all of my redraft leagues over the past few years has become nearly extinct. My theory is that it's the same reason leagues have become much more competitive. That is, the abundance of resources online - specifically rankings. Nobody wants to trade their second round draft pick for one or two players taken much later in the draft, even though it would surely benefit their team. (As a drafter of CJ Spiller and Ray Rice, and TRich, I would, but their values have been pretty low for other reasons.)

I was never able to move Romo, but skirted around that minor problem by trading Cam Newton in a blockbuster to a struggling Rodgers owner who didnt have any other QB on roster. What that owner does when Rodgers comes back is anyones bet.

Doug Martin wasnt moved, regretably. Not because nobody sent in offers, as he was the most targeted player in propsed trades I recieved, I just couldn't bring myself to accept any of them.

One situation I haven't felt bad at all about being in is TE depth. I have Cameron+Thomas and Cameron+Gronk in my leagues, and while the byes this week hurts in that second league, I love the safety net that comes with two really good TEs, even if I can only play one each week.

Terrance Williams. Because he's not a big name nobody is buying and I can't start him as I have too good of guys in front of him. If I was struggling at WR this is the type of guy I'd be looking for but the sheep are stupid and making offers for the Decker's and the Cruz's

Joique Bell

Funny thing was there were all sorts of offers which I thought were low early in the season. Now I can't give him away on a throw in basis.

I have to bench one of A.Brown, Hilton or Gordon every week moving forward. #### me, right?

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I can only start 2 RBs. I've got McCoy, Ridley, Moreno, Le'Veon Bell, and Andre Brown.

Despite this being a 12-team, non-PPR, redraft league, I can't get a nibble on any of my RB2/3s. Everyone is convinced that Vereen/Ball are going to make Ridley/Moreno useless come the playoffs, and nobody wants Bell/Brown because they don't trust the offenses.

I think the run of RB busts, combined with the waiver-wire gems (Ellington, Stacy) scared everyone in this league away from trading for RBs.

Terrance Williams. Because he's not a big name nobody is buying and I can't start him as I have too good of guys in front of him. If I was struggling at WR this is the type of guy I'd be looking for but the sheep are stupid and making offers for the Decker's and the Cruz's
Same ... couldn't get anything for him not even 2nd and 3rd string rbs (Ball or Anderson) to handcuff to Moreno.

Dropped him to pick up Riley Cooper ... I guarantee he is snatched up the second he clears waivers


Despite a favorite schedule and a recent good game, no one is going to give up anything of value for him.

Not sure if these really count, but

Reuben Randle, Golden Tate, and Roy Helu (on his good weeks)

are just rooting away on my bench. Oh, Greg Olsen, too.

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We know the talent he has as a WR, and he's had a few really nice weeks. With the injury a few weeks ago, and the poor blocking for/passing by Palmer, I tried the angle of selling him for a premium handcuff-level RB, such as a Woodhead/Mathews, Pierce, Tate type. No dice, the name doesn't even get it done anymore in trade talks. I have better/emerged WR options, so he finds himself riding the pine on my squad most weeks. Wanted to let someone else deal with the inconsistent production, but the word's clearly out.

Finally moved Romo for DeSean Jackson when the Cutler owner went down. I had Romo behind Rodgers (due to a preseason trade). Obviously the week I trade away Romo is when Rodgers shatters his shoulder. <_<

How could I forget Leshoure (dynasty)? I don't see much changing in Detroit next year and I hate to hold onto him another year but he is a free agent in 2015.

Redraft: Witten and Gates, start 1 TE.

This was a live draft which I missed, so I automatically got both as I had TEs set a little higher than others did in my pre-draft list.

Fred Jackson. My backup RB (behind Charles/Bush), I was shopping him aggressively earlier in the season, when my WRs were in shambles. I backed off when it looked like my situation was improving (VJax rebounded, Blackmon came off suspension, picked up KAllen). Now with Blackmon gone and VJax falling off a bit, I've in the middle of the two weeks this season where I need to start FJax. Once byes are over this week, I may try to shop him one more time and see what I can get for him.

Still, it's probably going to be hard to get full value for FJax. No one gets excited by him, and the specter of Spiller is always hanging over him.


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