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Which QB to start Watson VS Wentz (1 Viewer)

Which QB to Start

  • Carson Wentz vs Jaguars

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Deshaun Wantson vs Dolphins

    Votes: 4 80.0%

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Need some help to decide which QB to start.  Watson hasn't done very good the past 2 weeks, but he might do good this week and Wentz is against the Jags defense.

Watson vs Dolphins

Wentz vs Jaguars


Tough option for both. I tend to think teams score a bit higher in London games just based on recent memory, and I think the Eagles are in a better spot to bounce back after the meltdown the Jaguars had this past weekend. With that being said, I like Watson at home vs. the Dolphins and the over/under for points is a bit higher, although not significantly (44.5 vs. 41.5).


Watson is injured and it is really affecting his play.  He is not running and the Texans are using Miller/Blue a lot more to limit the hits Watson is taking.  I would roll with Wentz until you see Watson play like normal. 

I'd go Watson, but with the expectation of a lower ceiling due to a lack of rushing. I think Miami's secondary is no match for Hopkins/Fuller.

I expect the London game to be a defensive struggle, other than Ertz, I'm not sure I want to start anybody from either team in it.


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