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Which Trade? Obtain K. Allen or D. Brees for Two RBs? (1 Viewer)

Which Trade? Obtain K. Allen or D. Brees for Two RBs?

  • DO DEAL 1 for Brees/Cook

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  • DO DEAL 2 for K. Allen/Doyle

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  • Stand Pat

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PPR league. Trying to leverage my RB depth to 1) Improve my WR situation or QB situation, and 2) Get Gronk Insurance.

Here is my team:

* QB: R. Fitzpatrick

* RB: T. Gurley, J. Connor, N. Chubb, A. Jones (M. Mack, J. Howard, A. Collins)

* WR: A. Jeffery, J. Gordon, J. Brown, MVS, DJ Moore

* TE: Gronk

As you can see, I've got a ton of RB depth. Geting rid of a couple of RBs probably wont hurt much (unless L. Bell suddenly shows up and is the RB #1 in pittsburgh...doubtful).

I'm a little anxious with Fitzy at QB, but on the flip side I've streamed all season to 6-3. Feel like my WR corp could be bolstered as well as J. Brown is too volatile and both Jeffery and Gordon really aren't #1s.

So here are the two deals on the table:

1) DEAL 1

* I GET: D. Brees, J. Cook

* I GIVE: Fitz, J. Howard, A. Collins

2) DEAL 2

* I GIVE: J. Howard, M. Mack

* I GET: K. Allen, J. Doyle

Both deals give me Gronk insurance but in DEAL 1 I''m getting Brees while in Deal 2 I'm getting K. Allen (who last year absolutely crushed it in the 2nd half).

Which deal do you do? DEAL 1 or DEAL 2?

Or stand pat?


I think you will be fine at QB as long as Fitz keeps the job (which I think will be the rest of the year).  That being said I would go with the Allen deal given those two choices. 

Two votes for the  K. Allen deal.

Is this solely based on a continued ability to stream...with or without Fitz??

I think Fitz weekly upside could equal Brees' upside, but Brees floor is obviously higher where Fitz could actually be benched. 

Another question I have is, is my current WR corp depth enough? A. Jeffery could be at risk with G. Tate, but I'd think Tate competes with Ertz more in the middle of the field. J. Gordon looks like he's emerging, J. Brown has a sweet after bye schedule, and MV Scantling and DJ Moore could emerge.

Another added benefit of Brees deal: Will help eliminate weekly decision headaches. No more Fitz hand wringing/streaming decisions and you could argue that the addition of K. Allen makes the WR choices difficult on a weekly basis.

Talking myself in circles.

Think both deals improve my team, but having a hard time deciding on either.



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