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Which two of these mediocre WRs to start, will answer yours w link (1 Viewer)

Scruff Mcgruff

Start 2. Half PPR league

Marquise Goodwin vs Minnesota

Jamison Crowder vs Arizona

Corey Davis vs Miami

Sterling Shepherd vs Jax

Tyler Lockett vs Den

Goodwin is not "mediocre" and should be started from that group.

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Goodwin is not "mediocre" and should be started form that group.
Thanks. I agree that he is not mediocre and I drafted him earlier than I should have thinking he's in for a big year. But I added him on the mediocre list for the matchup. I could see Xavier Rhodes shutting him down all game.

I think Corey Davis is worth starting. The Titans are moving to a Rams-style passing offense and he is poised to explode.

I love Crowder combined with Alex Smith this year. Lots of underneath goodness. I'd go Goodwin and Crowder (I also own Lockett and Sterling). I need to see Davis do something, anything, first before starting him.

I have Goodwin and Crowder. Currently leaning towards Goodwin and Crowder. Only saying Crowder before Davis, because it sounds like Mariota is having trouble in the pre-season.


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