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Which WR do I start?? (1 Viewer)


I have Larry Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas, Marvin Jones and Kenny Stills on my team. I need to start two of them and I have no idea who to pick. I would normally start Fitz but I have my doubts about that Arizona Offense and they are playing the Rams today. Stills had a great first game and will get a lot of targets today against the Jets. Golloday seems to be eating into Jones's targets and the same can be said for Sanders and Thomas in Denver.

So which two are my best options?

Standard Scoring 

My team 

QB - A.Dalton 

Rb1 - Zeke Elliot

Rb2 - Kenyan Drake

Wr1 - Larry Fitzgerald 

Wr2 - Marvin Jones

Flex - Lamar Miller

TE - Evan Engram

K - C. Boswell

Def - Jaguars 


QB - Matt Ryan

Rb - Mark Ingram

Rb - Isaiah Crowell

Rb - Austin Ekeler

Wr - Kenny Stills

Wr - Demaryius Thomas



Fitz and Thomas for me. Fitz is clearly the best player of the bunch, and the matchup isn't scary at all, he'll mostly avoid Talib/Peters and benefits if the Cards fall behind. Thomas has the best matchup, against a Raider D that might be the worst in the NFL.


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