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WHIR: Phillip Rivers and Ray Rice for Bilal Powell and Reggie Wayne (1 Viewer)


I am an Aaron Rodgers owner and i luckily got rivers on the waiver wire. I was offered reggie wayne and bilal powell for Rivers and Ray Rice in a 1ppr 10 team league. Should I take this trade or ask for more? I feel like this pretty low. What should I ask in return?

My team:

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers
RB: Ray Rice, Giovani Bernard, Rashard Mendenhall, Legarette Blount, Marcel Reece
WR: Andre Johnson, Antonio Brown, Eddie Royal, Keenen Allen, Jeremy Kerley
TE: Jimmy Graham
FLEX: Tony Gonzalez

His team:

QB: Russel Wilson, Brian Hoyer
WR: Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, Stevie Johnson, Marlon Brown, Robert Woods, Steve Smith, Stephen Hill
RB: Adrian Peterson, Bilal Powell, Chris Johnson
TE: Jason Witten, Heath Miller
FLEX: Justin Blackmon

Please help quick! Thank you!


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