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White Elephant Results Week 1 (1 Viewer)


IBL Representative
Here's the results from week 1 in the 2nd annual White Elephant survivor league.

1. Renesauz (157) : McNabb's 36 helped! Rene' gets the first immunity.

2. Jeter23 (146)

3. Fiddles (134)

4. Rudy (133)

5. Reaper (128)

6. Blue-Kun (121)

7. Old Milwaukee (119)

8. Shadowmaster (116): Of Shadow's four QB's only Palmer is a starter. This lack could haunt later!

9T. Fullback Fro (114)

9T. Duckboy (114)

11. Road Warriors (113)

12. Aaron Rudnicki (101): Aaron survived missing McGahee, Curtis, and Branch.

13. Pictus Cat (99): PC might not last long with 4 QB's but only one starting!

14. Jeff Pasquino (89): Terrible WR performances

15. Ruffrodys05 (86): Rodys only had ONE WR post a score, and took a 1 at RB2. 23 for Robert Royal saved him...for now.


16. Radballs (77): Another Brady owner biting the dust. (His backup was Leinart).


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