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Who Are You Playing in Place of Andre Johnson? (1 Viewer)


Lets face it, Andre Johnson is by far the most significant player getting screwed up due to Hurricane Ike. Normally you have time to plan around your byes while this one really just came out of left field.

2 big money leagues, 12 men in each, both start 2 RB, 2 WR, one starts a RB/WR also, while the other starts a RB/WR and a WR/TE:

League one = Andre Johnson out; David PatteRn in. Only other option is Andre Hall.

League two = Andre Johnson out; Laveraneus Coles in. Doesn't sound too bad right? But I also have Hines Ward in this league and rumor has it the Pitt game could have 30+ MPH winds and there is nothing more I can do since my other bench WR in that league is .... wait for it .... Derrick Mason whose game was also PPD.

Lets here it. Who you starting and how has this curveball screwed you up?

No t-shirt pointing necessary. Not relevant and never was funny. :lmao:

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Feeling OKAY starting Evans as my third WR. Sucks not having Johnson, but i guess it gets his bye week out of the way.

Well, I was planning to swap AJ for Hines Ward, seeing as I almost started him over AJ anyway (gotta love that Brownie D). Probably still will for now as I can wait until Sunday night to see about the weather. If the wind is bad (25+ mph) then I'll go with the rook DeSean Jackson on Monday instead. Honestly, I wasn't crazy about AJ's matchup with the Ravens anyway, primarily because I wasn't sure Schaub would survive it after the Pittsburgh debacle.

S. Rice / Javon Walker

I think I just puked in my mouth a little...

Tried to trade some QB depth this week (Romo, DNabb, Favre, Campbell) for a decent WR3 option even before this game got pushed, but no takers. I think winning the title last year in a dynasty startup isn't helping w/ other owners wanting to help the cause.

1. Calvin Johnson

2. Matt Jones

3. Justin Gage

2 and 3 are deep leagues.

This week 2 bye actually helps me out some.

Berrian here starting in place of AJ. My other option was Mark Clayton (BAL)

Been a great year so far, lose Brady, lose Colston, Ike wrecks my week 2 lineup against a great team. I'm ready for something good to happen!

My bench consists of Reggie Brown (injured), Bobby Engram (injured), and Deion Branch (injured).

I had to go to the free agent pool. I picked up and plugged in Ike Hilliard. Oh, the irony :-(


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