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Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl? (1 Viewer)

Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl?

  • My favorite team is still playing

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  • Atlanta

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  • Chicago

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  • Seattle

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  • Green Bay

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  • New England

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  • Pittsburgh

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  • Baltimore

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  • New York

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Ghost Rider

Which team do you want to win the Super Bowl of the remaining eight teams? In other words, if your favorite team is not still playing, which team would it pain you the least to see win it? :thumbup:

Also, if your favorite team is still playing, please vote for that option. Be honest. :lmao:



Tough road for us but I think we have the 2nd best QB still in the playoffs and we are capable of playing well on the road, hopefully our running game shows up again.


sho nuff

Packers still in it.

If they weren't...probably would cheer for Atlanta.

I don't really care for any of the AFC teams and 3/4 have won recently (and Ryan annoys me enough to not want him to succeed with the Jets this year).

I like Matt Ryan enough and think it would be cool for Tony G to get a ring.



I voted "My favorite team is still playing" but if they weren't I would be going for any team that is not the New England Patriots.



Falcons - they went through a ####storm with Vick and rebuilt quickly. Would be pretty cool to also see 2 years in a row from the same division.



drfeelgood said:
massraider said:
Chicago or Seattle. Rooting for Cinderella.
Chicago is the NFC #2 seed. That to me does not make them "cinderella" material.
I see your point, but they are more of a Cinderella to me than New Orleans, Atlanta, Philly, or even Green Bay. Do you think Chicago was the #2 team in the NFC? How many teams did you think was better than them in the NFC this year? 4? 6?They've gotten zero respect all year, and I'd like to see them do it.


Atlanta, Baltimore and Green Bay. Any of those. And I hope beyond all hope that Baltimore is the AFC team and either the Falcons or Packers for the NFC.

If the Packers beat the Falcons they are going to the Super Bowl. In fact the winner of that game IMO will represent the NFC.

The AFC is a dogfight. Any of the 3 teams left (forget the Jets...they don't have enough with Sanchez at QB) can make it. I think Baltimore matches up better with New England.

The Ravens are the true darkhorse. They have big time playmakers on both offense and defense.



whats odd for me is i dvr and try to watch every game of 4 teams ( ticket guy ) the patriots, bears, packers and steelers . the only team i will pout and get down about a loss is the patriots . but i really enjoy the other 3 teams all year long. the only sport i like/watch is nfl . its like im a fan of 4 teams like most sports fans, just in one sport . anyways this weekend, my 4 teams all play , and they dont play against each other . this will never happen again . i just hope it does not mean they all lose and im left with no team i like . i never remember looking forward to a weekend of football as much. except when the pats are in the bowl.



The Jets are still in, but if they weren't, I'd root for the Packers. After that, it would be anyone but NE.



Green Bay. I think Aaron Rogers is due. Anyone but Atlanta would be cool though.

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Voted correctly. If not my Steelers, I'd like to see Green Bay or Atlanta win it. Baltimore, then Jets, Seattle, Bears and lastly the Patriots in order from best to worst case.



I picked Chicago but would like to see either Chicago or GB win. Been getting alot of crap for cheering for the Pack being I'm a Viking fan, but I always cheer for the teams from our division


Tom Servo

Nittany Beavers
Since the :lmao: are still in it, I'm rooting for them. After that, it's Green Bay (my NFC fave), then it goes to anybody but NE or Baltimore.


Morton Muffley

Sam Quentin said:
If not for that annoying Play60 commercial, I'd be tempted to root for the Falcons...
But don't ya feel bad for Blank?...that commercial documents his total lack of rhythm in such an obvious and embarassing way ya gotta root for him. I mean it's hard to look that bad in such short bursts. Imagine how painful a 20 second clip of him head-bobbing must be!



I'd get a kick out of seeing a 7-9 team win it all, so Seattle would probably be my next favorite.

I guess BC's Matt Ryan would give me a reason to put Atlanta 3rd.

Ambivalent about Green Bay or Chicago winning.

Not looking forward to seeing the other AFC entrants win, particularly Baltimore. Suggs is a bigmouth that I'd hate to see proven right after his Pro Bowl comments re: Brady. That being said, there are no teams that I outright hate.



I picked Chicago but would like to see either Chicago or GB win. Been getting alot of crap for cheering for the Pack being I'm a Viking fan, but I always cheer for the teams from our division
How in the hell do you live with yourself rooting for GB and Chi? My god man. (joking)Chicago here, and i absolutely hate, despise and cringe at the thought of cheeseheads and Vike lovers.BEAR DOWN!


The Patriots. I think it is inspiring that they've got so many white people at the offensive skill positions.



I have no dog left in this fight, so let's look at why I'd like each team to win...

Atlanta - My son's favorite team.

Chicago - Maybe Cutler's critics would be silenced?

Seattle - underdogs are always fun.

Green Bay - I respect this team, great fans and Rodgers seems like a decent guy.

New England - We need more talk about this team being the best dynasty in recent years?

Pittsburgh - Ben's a high class guy? I do like Polamalu and have many friends who love this team.

Baltimore - can't find a reason here although I like how their team plays.

New York - Tomlinson is still my favorite player.

If forced to choose I'll take the Falcons and Jets. Overall though I just don't care which team wins, I want good football.


Keith R

The Don
Voted favorite. I think even if I wasn't a Hawks fan, I'd be pulling for them. Imagine a playoff team needing to win the Super Bowl in order to finish above .500.

2nd place - NE. I liked their story in 2001 when an unknown (to all but Michigan fans) Tom Brady came off the bench and led an afterthought of a team to the Super Bowl and beat the Greatest Show on Turf. I wasn't the only one, but you would think I was with all the hate/envy that has bubbled up since. When yesterday's underdogs become today's dominators, they lose the love of the masses.

I would LOVE the Seahawks to be so hated by NFL fans in 3-4 years. LOVE it. Hope, hope.




1) I live outside Atlanta, and although Detroit is "my team", I do still kinda root for the home team.

2) They have never won a Super Bowl

3) Tired of the same ol' same ol' (a la Pittsburgh, New England, etc.)



Went with Pack. I think Rodgers is as classy as they come. I cheer for those types of people.

If not the pack then Falcons.


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