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Who becomes the next Denver RB? (1 Viewer)

loose circuits

Sportsline is reporting Hillis may be out 5 weeks

Will Tatum Bell take over since he was the active back today? He looked decent, but it didn't appear Shanny had much confidence in him. With Selvin Young finally healthy, does he get his crack? PJ Pope or Cory Boyd?

He went to the sideline, however, after he was sandwiched by two defenders while coming down with a leaping first-down catch in the second quarter.

"I think maybe a contusion, maybe something that slight," said Hillis, who rushed eight times for 58 yards and caught one pass for 11 yards before getting hurt.

His coach, Mike Shanahan, wasn't so optimistic.

"Any time it's a hamstring and they come off the field like he did today, normally it's a month at best," Shanahan said. "It didn't look good. I'm hoping it's not quite as bad as I anticipate, but I was not pleased watching him walk off the field."
Hillis isn't quite so sure, though, right?http://www.startribune.com/sports/vikings/...iD3aPc:_Yyc:aUU

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This is classic. I clinch a playoff spot 2 weeks ago and am just playing out the string. Now I lose Gore and Hillis from my backfield. Sweet! Hope AD and *gulp* Fred Taylor can carry me through. :goodposting:

I believe that Shanahan thinks Tatum Bell is finally in game shape and ready to take over, thus saying Hillis' injury is worse than it really is, so he can sit Hillis out and run Tatum Bell out there (!!!!!)

This might provide a little more clarity:

Rocky Mountain News story

Instead of decompressing at halftime, Spencer Larsen was stressing - and cramming.

Peyton Hillis' right hamstring injury that ended his afternoon Sunday put Larsen in emergency mode.

Tatum Bell was the only other running back in uniform, and if something would have happened to him, Larsen - a fullback/linebacker - was on deck in the seasonlong revolving door among Broncos ball carriers.

"I opened up the book and went through all the protections and all the routes off protections," Larsen said, adding, "I was praying that Tatum stayed healthy. I would have gone in and done it, but it wouldn't have been a position I would have felt very comfortable in."

Hillis scored a touchdown for the fourth straight game before he was injured on a third-and-2 play in the second quarter.

He went out into the pass pattern and was double-teamed. He leaped high in the air to make an 11-yard catch. But his right leg planted firmly in the ground on his landing while the leg of Kansas City safety Jarrad Page struck Hillis in the shin.

Hillis was diagnosed with a hamstring injury, and regarding the recovery time, coach Mike Shanahan said "normally it's a month at best," when a player "comes off the field like he did."

Hillis was more optimistic, said he felt "fine" and while "it's one of those things that's unfortunate . . . I should be back fairly early." He also declined to put a timetable on the injury, saying, "they're trying to figure out stuff and they're not sure."

He'll have a magnetic resonance imaging exam today.

"It's just tight," Hillis said. "Maybe it's a contusion. Maybe it's something that slight."

Bell, signed off the street on Nov. 11, had six carries for 39 yards in the second half, keeping Larsen as a blocker.

"I want to prove to the coaches I can handle the carries and that's my role," said, Bell, who finished with 52 yards on 11 carries. "I'm ready for whatever they want to give me. . . . I'm just glad they trust me."

P.J. Pope, who played solidly against Atlanta but has battled a rib injury, also should be available. Selvin Young (groin) was listed as participating fully in recent practices but still might not be healthy enough to play.
You would think it would be S. Young...but I have a feeling you'll be guessing if you try to pick the right guy. Tater is probably the only truely healthy RB now, so he would be the smart move.

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan anticipates promoting RB Cory Boyd from the practice squad this week.

Clearly, Shanahan doesn't think Peyton Hillis (hamstring) is going to play soon and Selvin Young's (groin) status remains up in the air. Boyd, a rookie, was the Bucs' seventh-round pick out of South Carolina last April. | 12/8/2008 12:36:00 PM

Source: Rocky Mountain News

Per the Mike Shanahan press conference, RB Peyton Hillis is going on the IR list

and will be done for the year.

Tatum Bell will get the first shot at the starting job with a returning Selvin

Young somewhere in the mix.

[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

It'll seem like old times with Tatum Bell as the starter. It's tough to bet

against the Denver running game and wanted to pass along the latest for all you

Hillis / Bell / Young owners.

Thanks to Footballguy Cecil Lammey for the headsup here.

i may actually end up starting Bell this week, with Barber and Gore both questionable at best. Sure there are plenty of people in similar situations considering Hillis, Addai, FWP/Moore's opponent, etc...

what a country we live in. you can steal a guys luggage that takes your job, then end up in a much better situation a few months later after selling cell phones for a bit

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Jay Cutler will get about 10 boot's/option/QB sneak plays per game. Royal, Marshall, DJax, and even Scheffler will get a handful of carries as well.

We don't need no stinkin RB.

Regardless of who winds up starting, they need to immediately take out some insurance.

Fantasy owners need to assume they're going to get a week or so out of whomever it is, tops.

Jay Cutler will get about 10 boot's/option/QB sneak plays per game. Royal, Marshall, DJax, and even Scheffler will get a handful of carries as well.We don't need no stinkin RB.
:shock: Rolling w/ Cutty, Marshall, and Scheffler next week.Nice to see CAR give up 325 yds to Garcia tonight. Cutler could throw for 500 next week :shock:

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