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Who did you pass on Manning for? (1 Viewer)


A little self-flagellation thread never hurt anybody so let the whipping commence.

Passed on him in 14-teamer at 2.03 for B-Marsh. Brees & Rodgers were gone and I was real close to pulling the trigger (DD told me he was top value) but every mock I did taking a QB in the second round I just didn't like the look of my team.

MUCH MUCH better value taking Krapernick in the fourth. :wall:

What you got?

One league I had first overall and that would've been the only way I would have gotten him as he went in the 2nd. Would've been looked at as crazy at the time if I had done it but if I could go back in time I would.

My other league I selected Rogers in the second round which is the latest I could've had him.

I passed on him four times in the FFPC before drafting him in the fifth round. People were so enamored with drafting QBs late that Brees went 4.2, Rodgers 5.5 and Manning 5.10.

Never passed on him and never took him. I wasn't going to take a QB until at least round 6 in any leagues so I didn't even give him a second thought.

I think I ended up with RG3 and Vick in a lot of drafts in rounds 9-12. Mostly took them in 4pt pass td leagues.

Typically don't draft a QB till after the 8th round, but I couldnt pass on Brady in the 7th.

Ended up with Brady in two leagues, Romo in one, Stafford in another and Rivers as my backup in all of them.

I was drafting 10th in 1 league, Got McCoy in the 1st, Morris in the 2nd. Wound up with RG3 at QB.

In my 2nd league, I drafted 3rd and took Charles. Peyton went 4th...pick.

Passed on him for Lamar Miller in the 3rd round of my twelve team re-draft because I'd just picked Jimmy Graham and needed a 2nd RB before the pool dried up...and you know, who needs an early QB with all the value later on.


McCoy, Richardson, and J. Graham

sitting at 4-0....I just beat the Manning owner this week. I took Vick and Romo in the 8th and 9th rounds.

Took Wilson in the 2nd Round ... Saw Payton dropping to me in the 3rd ... He went the pick before me.

In my 12-team league, he went as the 2nd pick in the second round (14th pick overall). The owner was able to snag Jamaal Charles at 1.11, then Manning, and he is currently sitting in first place right now. Unreal.

I picked up Trent Richardson (1.09), and he had these 2 guys before it came back around to me.

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My story is a tad different then most. My current league (I say current as this is definitely my last year) has allowed two keepers for the cost of 4 rounds ONLY if you drafted (or retained them) in round 8 or lower.

Last year I retained J. Graham, costing me my 9th round pick (got him in the 13th the previous year). I also drafted Peyton in the 8th last year as everyone was still scared about his neck injury (we did our draft early).

So going into this year I KNEW my 4th and 5th round picks were keepers, Peyton and J. Graham. Boy was I stoked.

Well, after 5 years of this league, they decided to just get rid of keepers. Of course it was mostly because the loudmouths didn't have anyone good to keep.

I was pretty close to just walking out but thought it would be a ##### move. However, I'm definitely not returning. Funny thing is, someone mentioned having keepers again next year. lol...

(thanks for listening, my wife hates me whining about it all the time and I have nobody else to complain too, it's off my chest now!) :)

If I could have Peyton instead of Spiller how my season would be different.
This ! I took Spiller at # 10 in the 1st round of my 12 team draft (after passing on Calvin) and took Dez in the 2nd (at overall # 15) instead of Manning.

Dez has been good but as for Spiller......oh the pain, the pain.

Ridley in the 2nd round of a 14 team league. :bag:

PM went in the 3rd and I took Graham, 2 picks later. However Rivers has been my SoD in the 12th round and just beat the PM team this week.

Passed on him for Lamar Miller in the 3rd round of my twelve team re-draft because I'd just picked Jimmy Graham and needed a 2nd RB before the pool dried up...and you know, who needs an early QB with all the value later on.


But thanks for making me feel better.

I took Megatron at 1.08 in a 10-team, non-PPR where Peyton went at 1.10 (1st QB taken).

Broncos homer but reaping the benefits. His team is currently 1-3.

Wanted Manning in the second but he went the pick before me. Ended up with Stafford and Cornball.

The thing about drafts are people always are afraid of what people will say or think. Not me took him at 5 overall, he should of been a No Brainer #1 pick in this offense, I even said that as I took him. Rule #1 to winning, draft Peyton Manning.

Passed on him at 3.09 to take Darren Sproles. Almost snagged him, but thought Sproles was a great value at that point. Funny thing is, the guy that took Manning (at 3.10 by the way) has a 1-and-3 record. He lost even after Manning dropped a 65+ point game on opening night :o

Drafting Manning in and of itself means nothing. You could have gone Johnson, Wilson, Manning, and you would be lucky to win a game so far.

Having said that, Manning was a steal this year for sure.

CJ2K, Manning went the pick after (2.06). Got Kaep/Romo and am 1-3 with a very large hole to dig out of. With Manning, I am 3-1 with all else being the same.

Some moron took Manning at the 2/3 turn as the first QB off the board. I was thrilled to get rodgers in the late third after Brees.

He is now 4-0

One league, took Peterson 1.1

Superflex league, Manning never made it back to me at 20. Went 14th overall. Never expected Manning to fall to 20 in a superflex league.

2nd league, took Martin 1.4

Manning never made it to me at pick 21. Manning went 19th overall. I was thrilled to get Dez at 21 and Romo in Round 7. Manning owner has scored the most points in that league.

Manning was taken at 1.5 in my 12 man league. He was gone when I drafted at the 9 spot (Charles). Honestly, I would not have drafted him in the first round if he was available. I had no idea he was going to be breaking passing records every week.

I drafted 12 teams and took Manning in 3. Hindsight and considering his TD total ends around 50, I'd take him in the 1st in every draft.

I did do one early draft where I went with my instincts and had the 1.1. I ended up with Peterson, Demarius Thomas, P Manning, and Welker. Needless to say, I'm enjoying that league. Too bad it was only a $77 entry fee.

Guy took Manning at 1.5 and Demaryius in the 2nd. He is 2-2 because he played the highest scoring team on the weeks he lost.

He went at 2.08 in my draft right before my pick at 2.09 where I ended up taking Graham. Even if he didn't go there at the time if given the option of Graham or Manning I'd have still taken Graham at the time. Even now it'd be a tough decision. Graham is (in my opinion) just as dominant right now as Peyton is with the positional difference. And I still feel like there's other values at QB that just aren't there unless you have Graham or Cameron at TE.

My team drafted in early July. I wish all were like this! This is a best-ball team.

Peyton Manning

DeAngelo Williams RB CAR

Adrian Peterson

Wes Welker

Santonio Holmes

Donnie Avery WR KAN

Jeremy Maclin

Greg Olsen TE CAR @ ARI

Adam Vinatieri K IND

Dallas Cowboys Def/ST DAL

Ben Roethlisberger

DeMarco Murray RB DAL

Bilal Powell

Ronnie Hillman RB DEN

Vick Ballard RB IND

Latavius Murray RB OAK

Brian Hartline WR MIA

Demaryius Thomas

Dexter McCluster

Stephen Hill

Jared Cook TE STL

Dwayne Allen

Graham Gano K CAR

Kai Forbath

New England Patriots Def/ST

New York Giants Def/ST NYG

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Manning went at 1.4 in my 12 team 6pt passing TD draft. I laughed when he went that high, as the 1st QB taken, but I'm no longer laughing now. I used my 1.2 pick on Doug Martin.

The team that got manning is 1-3 though, and ranked 9th of 12. Not even Manning can keep that team afloat.


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