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Who do you got tonight (1 Viewer)


I cant wait for this game.. should be a good game as I watch the Helmts move on NFL.com and listen to the Radio... dam NFL Network.

This games has a couple of great FF Players in it; I personally only have 2 FF teams left; but thier my most expensive teams.

Team 1 has Orton / Bush / Thomas (I know, both my RBs are from the same 2 teams) / Vilma

Team 2 has Moore / Hester / Thomas / Briggs

Can't wait, my playoff week is either going to get a good start or go down the tubs tonight.

Who do you guys got?

Playing against Bush and P. Thomas. Not going to be a good night for me and I got to watch my opponent rack up points. Hoping for LONG LONG drives for Bears and many 3 and outs for N.O or Brees to Colston, Moore and Shockey all day. :goodposting:


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