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Who has a better season next year? (1 Viewer)

Who has a better season next year?

  • Vick

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  • Hasselbeck

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I went with Hasselbeck. He has been improving every year. Vick seems to be going backwards. He doesn't even seem to know what offense he is running and has even admitted to being lost. Not only that, but he wants to blame everyone else for his problems. He didn't have good receivers, Price was holding him back, then it was the media (?!?), now it's Mora and Knapp. Not a good sign if you are looking for a guy to lead your team.

9-0. The Seahawks were just in the superbowl, the falcons didn't even contend. Ask again before the season.

Vick [ 0 ] [0.00%]

Hasselbeck [ 12 ] [100.00%]

Total Votes: 12

Wow, not even 1 vote for Vick so far.


Please clarify BETTER? I will vote for Vick if we are talking about fantasy football assuming it is relative to the draft position at which each would have to be taken.

I vote Vick if "better" constitutes no understanding of the offense and inability to establish a passing attack.

Hasselbeck vs. Schaub would be a better poll.

Answer must be Hasselbeck if Alexander or another solid RB is in that backfield.

I do like Roddy White as Vick's first legit deep downfield threat, but White and Vick have a lot of progressing to do together first.

Vick is an over-hyped running back who throws from time to time. I'm enjoying watching him flounder given all the "Vick is a football god" talk that followed him his first couple years.

Great athlete? Yep. Good QB? Not a chance.

Shouldn't the Question read "Who should I keep?" :D Vick actually does ok in our scoring system since Rushing TDs are 6 pts, 1/10 for yards vs Passing TDs 3 pts, 1/25Found this on CBSSportsline

Michael Vick, QB ATLNews: The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Falcons QB Michael Vick admitted he was injured more than he let on last season and that he doesn't agree with the offense that was run by offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp last season. "I thought the West Coast offense was supposed to be a lot of quick, dink-and-dunk passes, and it's not being run that way," Vick said. "I'm not saying it's because of coach Knapp, but he's calling the plays. My perception of the West Coast thing is starting to change, too. We're not doing what I see Seattle doing or San Francisco doing or Green Bay doing. We're not doing those things. I don't know if it's Knapp changing those things around, but as far as I know, it's not the West Coast system as far as the way we run it. ... It may be hurting me. It may be hurting the offense. I'm a little lost right now."Analysis: Head coach Jim Mora responded by saying that the Falcons don't run that kind of offense in the first place. Vick did well last season, but injury concerns and questions about how strong he can be of an offensive statistic contributor make Fantasy owners shy away from him.
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