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who is considered the best NFL player of all time? (1 Viewer)

I will take Sweetness any day...
As will I, he had no help at all. Rice had Montana and Young. Jim Brown had help.Where was Walter's help? It arrived with the 46 defense. Walter even played QB during their Super Bowl run. That is sweetness and greatness wrapped into one.

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I'd have to say Rice bc of the length of time he was the best player. His career is un-real!You know I love Jordan. He was amazing to watch. I cringe everytime someone talks about how he is the undisputed best basketball player ever. I am not saying that he might not be the best but it is no where near clear cut. Jordan benefits greatly from 2 things:1) He was the pioneer of the modern day marketing athlete.2) He had no real challenge to his greatness. He was easily the best player in his day on easily the best team. The NBA I think was in a down swing during the Bulls time on top.Having said all that, he sure was sweet to watch. I think he and a few others could be considered but it probably does come down to Jordan and Wilt. I'll take them both!!

Greatest of all time? No Such Thing!The game has changed so much over the years. how do really compare hutson to rice, Unitas to Montana, Brown to Payton?Greatest during a decade or era is possible, but of all time? :confused:


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