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Who is starting addai? (1 Viewer)


im in a must win this week

It's either Addai, Rhodes, FWP, Faulk

Im actually leaning towards Faulk (non PPR)

i'm looking for more info. but espn has addai and rhodes both as questionable and suggests they may split time. further, the game is sun night, so it will be tough to substitute - exc. between the two of them - based on last minute info. so, at this point, i will plan to sit both and play jamal lewis. :shrug:

I'm starting Addai as my #1 RB.

He's practiced in full all week.

This is a CRUCIAL game for Indy. With Tenn 7-0 and showing no signs of slowing down, Indy is already playing for a WC spot. At 3-4 and against a division rival, it's time to pull out "the big guns".

Rhodes has played well and WILL be involved, but Addai will see a full workload in this pivotal game!

NE DEF is suspect and mediocre.

Last time the Pats and Colts played, Addai had a MONSTER game with over 100 yards rushing AND receiving. If he's healthy, you start him.


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