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Who is starting for JAX at WR today? (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Anyone got the lowdown on who is actually going to be on the field? They play Houston today and the Texans are not stopping anyone, but since the Jags OL is a little suspect, I figured they might try and air it out a bit today...they need to win today and get back to .500

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Northcutt and Williamson are inactive. Hopefully that means big things for Porter today. Receivers left would be Matt Jones, Porter, Reggie Williams, and Mike Walker.

from the jaguars.com blog

Pregame - 11:57AMJaguars inactives: Reggie Nelson, Justin Durant, Brad Meester, Chris Naeole, Charles Spencer, Troy Williamson, Dennis Northcutt and Tony McDaniel. I'm surprised by Northcutt? That's a pretty "healthy" inactive list. Nelson, Durant,

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