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Who is the better bet on starting? (1 Viewer)


Need to start 3-4-4- or 4-3-41pt= Tackle, pass defensed3 pt=fum rec5pts=sack,intDansby, Karlos LB ARI @NYG Edwards, Donnie LB SD DAL Thurman, Odell LB CIN @CLE Witherspoon, Will LB CAR NO Grant, Charles DL NO @CAR Peppers, Julius DL CAR NO Strahan, Michael DL NYG ARI Boulware, Michael DB SEA (@JAC)Gamble, Chris DB CAR (NO) Sanders, Bob DB IND (@BAL) Wilson, Gibril DB NYG (ariz)BenchPollack, David LB CIN @CLE Smith, Will DL NO @CAR Brown, C.C. DB HOU @BUFCollins, Nick DB GB @DET Bockwoldt, Colby LB NO @CAR Crowder, Channing LB MIA DEN Dockett, Darnell DL ARI @NYGJames, Erasmus DL should I start Collins instead of Sanders or Gamble this week?

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