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Who should I start at 4th LB spot? (1 Viewer)

shake zula

I have J. Trotter, D. Johnson, T. Polley as my top 3....for spot 4 i need a little help:L. ArringtonD. WareD. Pope (since Seau and Thomas are out)J. Darling J. PoseyTackles 1.5 points Assists 0.75 Sacks 1.50 for every half sack.guys let me know. TIA

Can you still pick up Bradie James? He has a superb matchup against the inside run game of the Broncos.If he's available, pick him up and plug him into your starting lineup.RAPTURE

I would go with Arrington over Ware by a smidge. The reason is because Ware gets most of his points off of sacks and Plummer is one of the most difficult QB's to sack.Hope this helps!RAPTURE

I have J. Trotter, D. Johnson, T. Polley as my top 3....
How much longer are we expecting Polley to have value? When Ray Lewis returns, does Polley's value plummet?This news about Lewis is on Rotoworld dated 11/23:

Ray Lewis (thigh) and Ed Reed (ankle) are both out once again for week 11 (Did they mean Week 12?).

Both unhappy with their contracts, the situation in Baltimore looks like it's going to get worse this off-season before it gets better.


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