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Who to drop for Golladay (1 Viewer)


For some reason Golladay got dropped in my 12 team short bench PPR league.

We play 1RB, 1WR and 2 Flex.

I currently have:

RB: Fournette, Ingram, Conner, Coleman

WR: Julio, Hilton, Cooks, Edelman

Would you drop Coleman or Edelman for Golladay?

Coleman probably doesn't make my lineup, but could blow up and be a league winner (?).  Edelman, I hate to let Brady's top target go, especially if/with Gronk hurt.

Please help.

I would not drop Coleman since you can play 3 RB.  I believe Golladay can produce more than Edelman so I would be ok with doing that one.

I wouldn't drop any of your guys for Golladay at this point in time. Coleman being a starting RB shouldn't be dropped and both Cooks and Edelman are really a wash with Golladay except for the fact that Golladay has had his bye and the others haven't.


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