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Who to start at flex Drake , Lockett or Ebron/Njoku ..your help will get mine (1 Viewer)


Ppr league awarding 1 point per reception 

1 point for every 10 yards total 

10 points per td ..

Who to start at Te 

Njoku vs Pitt  or Ebron vs Oak

Who to start at Flex 

Drake vs Hou , Lockett vs Det or my left over Te Njoku/Ebron whoever didn't get picked from my Te start list 

Your reply gets my help 

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I'd start both TE's. Lockett is likely to lose targets to Baldwin, who is another week healthier, and Drake is a model of inconsistency. I'd rather take 2 TE's who see 8-10 targets and get in the endzone frequently.


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