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Who to start at WR? Brown/Beckham/Hill/Fuller (1 Viewer)


I am stacked at the WR position. Up to this point I have been running Brown/Beckham in WR1/2 and then Hill in my flex, but Fuller has been killing it with his synergy with Watson. I really think the upside with Fuller this week is worth starting him, but I am really not sure which of the 3 I have been starting should sit this week.

Beckham has been getting a lot of targets but NYG's o-line is trash.
Hill has huge upside with the deep threat but last week he was unproductive.
Brown has been getting a lot of targets but not much endzone productivity and they have all been short/intermediate routes.

Any advice?

Trade someone.  That is your only hope for sanity all year.  You will beat yourself up over this decision every single week. 


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