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Who to take with #1 Waiver? (1 Viewer)


12 team 0.5 ppr

Current roster

Qb- Brady

Rb- Ekeler

Rb- Gibson

Wr- Lamb

Wr- Godwin

TE- Higbee

Flex- Darrel Henderson Jr.

Def-waiver def

Bench- Darrel Mooney, Michael Carter, Deebo Samuel, Giovanni Bernard

I have the #1 waiver and with the injury to Gibson and Ekeler/Lamb on bye it might be the time to use it.  If so, who would you use it on?

- D'Ernest Johnson(not sure how bad the injury is the Chubb)

- Jaret Patterson(I own Gibson and McKissic is already rostered)

These two players are the only ones available that would be worth the #1 waiver and I really think Johnson is the better option.  Should I use my #1 waiver pick on him?



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