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Who was your first fantasy pick ever (1 Viewer)


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I remember breaking in to fantasy football about 5 or 6 years ago. I was one of 4 expansion teams entering an already established keeper league where a max of 2 players are kept. The 4 expansion teams drew for draft order (the first 4 spots), and then the teams already in the league (8 of them) went in order starting with 5 through 12. Anyway I knew it would come down to Chris Warren, Seattle RB, or Jerome Bettis, Pittsburgh RB for my pick. The first two guys took QBs and the guy right before me took Chris Warren, leaving me with Jerome Bettis. Bettis went on to have a pretty good year, it was the one in which he seemed to run for 100 yards every game, actually he had a streak of 13 games or so going, and he scored pretty often also. He was the bright spot on my team and since then has always held a special place in my heart. I know everybody remembers their first fantays pick; let's hear 'em.

As I said in the other thread: Joe Montana 1988. I think the rest of my team consisted of Henry Ellard, Hershall Walker, Neil Anderson, and Art Monk. not sure about those though.

First draft for me was 1994, dang guess this makes it year #10 for me :shock: . I still have a folder from my first draft with all the teams picks from that year. My starting two running backs: Barry Sanders and Ricky Watters. My starting QB: Steve Young (who I believe was my first pick ever).

I'm not sure of the year(early 90s I believe), but my first pick ever was Mark Rypien (the year after his huge year).2nd round pick was Neal Anderson.

1995 - Warren Moon with the 7th pick. No clue what I was doing and my team was mostly homer picks and rookies. Moon turned in a career season, but I soon came to understand the value of RBs vs. QBs.

1990 Dalton Hilliard, and I don't want to talk about it. :hot: :bag:
I was ALL OVER Hilliard in 90. His 89 season has to be considered one of the all-time best one-year wonders.My first draft was in 88. Can't remember who I took. May have been Curt Warner, Eric Dickerson, Jerry Rice (doubt it, league full of 'Niner fans).
I think my first pick ever was Thurman Thomas in 1992.He did pretty good even though Kenneth Davis put up 700 yards and 6 TDs as his backup:16g, 312att, 1487yds, 4.8ypa, 9 TD | 58rec, 626yds, 10.8ypc, 3 TD = 283 points. :thumbup:

Vinny Testeverde in '99 (go figure.....). Blown ahcilles with only 97yards passing. Worked out though. I picked up some newbie named Kurt Warner that no one drafted and he took me to the Championship game. :D

My first pick ever was Carl Pickens at 1.8, then in the 2nd I took I. Bruce. This was the year after Bruce had like 1700yds recieving. This was also J. Bettis' first year in Pittsburgh and I got him in the 4th. I think I took R. Mirer in the 5th. Can't believe I took two Wr's in the first 2 rounds but I still made it to the championship game. I think I got beat by a couple of long td passes from T. Banks to E. Kennisson.

Randall Cunningham, with the 1.03 pick in 1990 after his monster year in '89. First quarter of the first game.... he breaks his leg. Lost for the year.

I don't know why I didn't give up on fantasy football right then and there.

Favre in 96, followed by Barry Sanders and a Rookie named Abdul-Jabbar. Finished second without knowing much about what I did.


Picked up John Elway and traded him for Warren Moon before the first game.

Warren ended up with slightly better numbers and I got the other guy to throw in Dave Meggett as well.

First pick in a Sandbox/Yahoo guppy league....Brett Favre. Had a pretty good year, but the rest of the team stunk.First pick in a real live league...Jerome Bettis. Had a pretty good year, but at the season' end, he wasn't even my starter. Wasn't his fault though. My 3rd round pick was Jamal Anderson the year he broke out and I picked up rookie Fred Taylor right after James Stewart went down for the season. Rode those two top five RBs into the championship game where I lost a heartbreaker.

Jeff Blake was my first pick ever at 1.2 in 1997. I expected him to be a great QB and figured that was what FF was all about. Wrong on both counts :wall:

1990 Dalton Hilliard, and I don't want to talk about it. :hot: :bag:
For some reason , that really got me laughing here this morning!!!! :rotflmao: Nostalgia on a Saturday morning.
In 2002, my first pick ever was Kurt Warner with 5th overall pick. :thumbdown: Luckily, I was a really STUPID rookie FF player and for some reason picked Brett Favre in the second round. :confused: As it became evident that Warner was toast last year, I was glad I was stupid to have grabbed Favre, but upset that I lost my #1 pick. Before the injury I was trying to deal one of them in a trade, and with my luck, I would have dealt Favre and then been stuck with the injured thumb. Nothing materialized and I ended up cutting Warner at like week 10, right before he came back.My rookie season. :rotflmao:

I actually started playing way early -- 1984, I was was 14.Being a Denver Broncos fan, I drafted Sammy Winder first. Not sure why though. I think someone may have grabbed Elway before, and I seem to recall actually joining the league after the first few rounds of the draft had already happened. I had basically players from three teams -- Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis CARDINALS. I actually remember most of the players too -- Bill Kenney, Stump Mitchell, Carlos Carson, Herman Heard (when he played RB before playing TE), Stephone Paige, the St. Louis QB (Hart maybe?), and a couple WRs from Denver I don't really recall. Everyone at that point basically drafted players from their favorite teams, as one would expect from 14 year olds playing this strange new game called "fantasy football". If anyone out there knows how to play this strange and new game now, please tell me. I am still trying to figure it out!

1984: Pick #1 was Montana, Pick #2 was Marcus Allen. I can't remember much more than that, except the fact that we used IDP's and I had both Howie Long and Ronnie Lott on my team.

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First league was in 2000 and my first pick was Eddie George who had a career year, unfortunately the rest of my draft was not so good and I finished as a .500 team out of the playoffs. :hot:

2001 season was my rookie season. I'm not 100% positive, but pretty damn sure my first pick was Culpepper in the middle of the first round. He definitely panned out, but i've learned a lot since then. What is it with almost everyone's first pick being a QB.... must be *the* rookie FF mistake to make. :rolleyes:

I've got you all beat - how about PETE STOYANOVICH in 1994! Look at all those points he scored :wall: But I got Mr. Holdout Emmitt Smith in the 2nd round -- gravy trained him for three years and two titles in a dynasty league. :thumbup:

1989- Barry Sanders. He panned out real well for me! 2 titles in the first 4 years. I traded him years later but I can't remember who.

I have you all beat8 team redraftfirst year I played FF,mind you I had 4 hours to prepare for the Draftwith the #3 pick I could have had Faulk,Warner,something crazy like that instead I drafted:TAMPA BAY'S DEFENSE oh My God!!!2nd round pick was HoltI loved SAPP?

My first draft was 1999. I had the 2nd pick. The guy picking 1st took Terrel Davis. Of course you know what happened to him. I then too Steve Young at #2. Of course you know what happened to him. Anyway, I came into this league at the last 2 weeks before the draft to replace an owner. I took a FF mag with me as my resarch. I also drafted Faulk in the 3rd round (what a steal) and with my last pick I took some guy name steve Berlein of the Panthers and you know what kind of year he had. Anyway, with some savving FA pick ups I won the league going away.

Marshall Faulk 1.06 in 2000. (TD only league although I still couldn't believe he was still there). As soon as the season started, two diff. teams tried to convince the newbie to trade him, so I knew I did ok.

95'.......second overall and took Marino, should have taken E.Smith who put up 25 TDs. Watched as RB after RB went after my selection and realized fantasy football was driven by the RB.

Favre in 96, followed by Barry Sanders and a Rookie named Abdul-Jabbar. Finished second without knowing much about what I did.
:eek: My first year was 96 as well. Favre and Sanders were gone by the time it got to me with the 6th pick in an 8 man league. I took Herman Moore.
1992, Emmitt Smith, 20+ TD's...As a Bills guy, tried like hell to trade him for Thurman Thomas, but his owner was a bigger homer than me. FF Rookies...

Jerry Rice in 1993.I was one of five expansion teams entering a two-player keeper-league with five returning teams. He was the fourth player taken (after the 10 keepers).He had 98 catches for a league-leading 1503 yards and a league-leading 15 receiving TDs. He also had 3 carries for 69 yards and a TD. His 16 total TDs led the league that year.He led me to the league championship. I'd say he worked out OK.

1999, 3rd pick overall. TD was supposed to be the absolute no-brainer #1, but Brett Favre went 1st and a rookie Ricky Williams went 2nd. It was my lucky day!!! Or not.

This brings back memories. There for a few years in the early-to-mid 90s, the undisputed top-2 were Emmitt Smith & Jerry Rice (Rice went #1 quite a bit). It's funny now how most people wouldn't even think of taking a WR #1 no matter how good he is. If FF was at this stage of development during that time period, I wonder if things would've been different? Probably not, it seems like Rice was just that far ahead of the competition, & I don't remember there being that many good RBs (for FF purposes, anyway).

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Vinny Testeverde in '99 (go figure.....). Blown ahcilles with only 97yards passing. Worked out though. I picked up some newbie named Kurt Warner that no one drafted and he took me to the Championship game. :D
That is exactly what happened to me that year. :thumbup: I remember debating between Kurt & Charlie Batch, d@mn am I glad (& so was my wallet which got much fatter) that I picked Warner. My 10th round pick that year wasn't too bad either (S. Davis when everyone expected Skip Hicks to start)
1990 Dalton Hilliard, and I don't want to talk about it. :hot: :bag:
I did the same thing. I had the 1st pick of the draft 1990. I had some preview that had a football card of Dalton Hilliard so I picked him over Barry Sanders...Ending up taking Mark Clayton 2nd round (holdout), Eagles Def 3rd round and Vinny Testaverde 4th round...My only good picks were Earnest Byner and Haywood Jeffries that year that I later traded away!!!! That was my only losing season I ever had so far!!
:eek: My first year was 96 as well. Favre and Sanders were gone by the time it got to me with the 6th pick in an 8 man league. I took Herman Moore.
Simple explanation: TD league, QBs got 6 points per TD, I had the third pick and a guy at the draft was constantly speaking about how Sanders will be pulled at the goalline like in 93 (3 TDs) and 94 (8 TDs). So Sanders was still there in the second round. Just to bring back some of the sweet memories of good old times some data from 95 as the base for the 96 rankings from Drinnens page:Passing TDs (1995)B Favre 38W Moon 33S Mitchell 32E Kramer 29J Blake 28J Everett 26J Elway 26J George 24D Marino 24J Kelly 22Rush/Receive TDs (1995)E Smith 25C Carter 17C Pickens 17J Rice 16C Warren 16C Martin 15H Moore 14M Faulk 14A Miller 14I Bruce 13D Loville 13R Brooks 13Receiving TDs (1995)C Pickens 17C Carter 17J Rice 15H Moore 14A Miller 14I Bruce 13R Brooks 13C Conway 12B Brooks 11T Brown 10M Irvin 10Rushing TDs (1995)E Smith 25C Warren 15C Martin 14M Faulk 11B Sanders 11E Rhett 11R Watters 11R Salaam 10T Allen 10D Loville 10R Hampton 10A lot of WRs with double digit TD numbers that year

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