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Who will be Deuce's replacement? (1 Viewer)


i cant find any threads directly addressing this... after the bye and once deuce is on the suspension, who will get the carries when both mcallister and bush are unavailable? will there even be a gap in between those two cases?

sharks seem to lean toward stecker... why?

Well, there is an appeal. I haven't heard anything about a date being set to hear the appeal. It sounds like there might be some mitigating circumstances. So right now it's hard to tell if any suspension would come down before Bush is back.

I read today that the appeal is mid-November. I figure we get 1 more game out of Duece after the bye. Then Reggie is real close to being ready.

I would think Thomas would take his place. He did earlier in the year. Both would split until Reggie is back and then when Reggie comes back it would be Reggie and Thomas. Just speculation.


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