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Who will have the biggest game week 9 off the WW (1 Viewer)

This is not who is most valuable the rest of the way - this is who do we think will have the biggest game week 9 (ie a Kenny Stills or Marvin Jones like performance).

Right now I have McCluster vs Buffalo as a candidate.

Thinking Coradelle Paterson might have something to offer after against Dallas.

Any others?
Have McCluster starting in 3 leagues today......I sense he is emerging in this offense.....Smith seems to look his way....there is a tremor in the force....and his name for week 9 is Dexter McCluster.

Re: McCluster, Anybody worried that Jeff Tuel means KC will romp and have little need to put the ball in the air?

Or does KC still throw enough in blowouts to get mcCluster his 7 or 8 looks today?

I was surprised to see Smith seems to average around 35 attempts a game.


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