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Who won their game on Leinart to Fitz? (1 Viewer)


I may have lost mines cause I started Megatron.

It's going to turn out to be a big play....To say the least

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In my bonus yardage scoring league that play was worth 22 points for Fitzgerald.....too early to say if it won me the game but it sure didn't hurt.

My opponent is playing Fitz. I'm still up, and he's got guys tomorrow night. But I'm less than pleased at that to say the least.

That was huge for me. I have a 36 point lead and am done. Opponent has Steve Smith and Mason Crosby. If I win, it will most likely be because of that play. If I had started Delhomme instead of Warner, I'd pretty much have it locked up. Thank goodness for garbage time TDs.

It was a 14 point play for me and I'm ahead by 7 points in my Championship game. I've still got Ryan Grant but it makes me feel better knowing Grant only has to hold onto the ball against the Bears.


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