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Who would u not mind drafting 1-2 rounds before current ADP? (1 Viewer)


Example: I wouldn't mind drafting Cecil Shorts in the 6th, Josh Gordon in the 8th, Deandre Hopkins in the 8th-9th

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Gordon is going in the 8th regularly. You have to take him in the 6th/7th to be sure to get him. I have no problem taking him in the 7th. I think he has a decently high WR2 ceiling in that offense.

QB - None as there are a bunch of great values this year

RB - LeVeon Bell...his adp is 3.09 but that's RB21...there are maybe 12 or so RB's I like better than him...certainly not 21

Shane Vereen...RB30 at 6.03...I'm buying all day well before that price

WR - TY Hilton...stud in the making

Chris Given...adp 9.12, WR42...best value out there maybe at any position

TE - Tyler Eifert...may be a while but should develop into a nice weapon for the Bengals. Probably would take a shot around round 10 for him.


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