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Whom should I keep for 2014? (1 Viewer)


I'm pretty sure I'm only going to get to keep 4 of these guys. I also have Wil Myers and Dylan Bundy as "prospect keepers", but they don't count towards the 4 keepers each team is allowed. Anyway, which 4 guys should I keep?

Mike Trout (obviously)

Troy Tulowitzki (probably)

Yu Darvish (probably)

Matt Kemp (will he get back to form?)

Jean Segura (interesting, but already have Tulo so he'd fill Utility spot)

Yasiel Puig (dude is killing it)

So I guess it's really which 1 guy should I keep among the rest. Trout is a no-brainer and Darvish is just about there as well. My SS situation is tough. Tulo is a beast when healthy, but gets hurt every year. Do I trust Segura? Maybe. 2 Dodgers OF's, but which is better going forward? Right now I'd say I'm leaning towards Trout, Darvish, Tulo, and Kemp, but Puig and Segura are making this harder than I thought.

Right off the bat change Tulo to obviously. He's a 1st round pick next year. He flashed again that he's a dominant force when healhty and plays SS.

I like Segura, but not as valuable at utility and nowhere near the Tulo tier in a keeper league.

Kemp has the track record that he should be near automatic, but obviously you will have more info on him before you have to decide this. Puig, you will have a lot more info on as well.

Depends on your scoring system for Darvish, but if pitchers carry much value, he's pretty high up the rankings.

If I was deciding right now, I would be throwing back Segura and Puig.

Darvish is great, but I'd have a hard time keeping a pitcher in a 4 player keeper. Especially if it meant throwing Puig back.

I don't even like it in my 11 player keeper.

I just don't think they are smart to build around.

I'd keep Trout, Tulo, Puig, and Kemp. If Kemp doesn't turn it around, I'd replace him with Segura.


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