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Who's Getting a Chance in the Next Couple of Weeks? (1 Viewer)


It's still early in the season, and some teams are still shaking it up. Who do you like to get a chance to make an impact in the next few weeks, either due to lineup change or just the team starting to perform better as a unit?

I am thinking about JT O'Sullivan, Jason Campbell (new team/offense) getting their feet and starting to produce possibly. Michael Bush might also have a door open that might not shut.

Gus Frerotte? Will he start? Does Berrian start getting passes?

Sage Rosenfels? Will Schaub hold him off?

STL...the JAGs....can they get their lines in order and put up some points?

Will Jamarcus get to start throwing?

Any of those lame WRs coming back (Javon, Porter, Curtis, Re Brown...)

SSlaton? Darius Walker? Ray Rice? McGahee? What happens in game "3" for HOU and BAL?

Hasselback and any SEA WR?

What say ye, Shark Pool?

I like the looks VJax is getting and how they are really throwing the ball around now in SD (starting him over Cotch this week)


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