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Who's kicking in G-Town ? (1 Viewer)

For those of us who own both, will the Giants likely make one inactive before the game? Or do we have to guess who will start or pick up a different kicker?

"Who's kicking in G-Town ?"Wouldn't this be short for Georgetown? :goodposting:
:goodposting: G-town? Really?
Good Posting? Really?
:goodposting: G-Town meant Georgetown to me.Add in that the Giants have never been called this before....and they play in Lodi / The Meadowlands.....I can't even think of a G-town near there.
Well I think you are smart enough to figure out what he was talking about.........who cares what he calls it.....we all knew what he meant......acting like you don't is pissing in the pool

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