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Who's the guy in SD? K. Allen or V. Brown (1 Viewer)


Everyone seems to be leaning towards Allen, but I think it's still up in the air.

Based on the pre-season hype and the reasoning as to why he had a slow start, something tells me it might be Brown.

Can anyone with insight offer their opinions on this?

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Lol, damn. Was excited that I received so many quick replies. Should have known it was too good to be true on this forum.

Allen played 72 snaps (100%) Monday night and Brown played 69 snaps (96%). If that's any indication, it seems Allen has moved to the #1 WR for the Chargers. I think they'll both have the targets to be productive, I just think that Allen has the talent to do more with those targets. I think in dynasty and redraft Allen is the guy to own - now and into the future.

I prefer Allen because he's still available on waivers in one of my leagues, while Brown isn't.

Too many options for Rivers to pick from,woodhead and Gates are the 2 you want,everyone else is a pick a week player
I disagree, especially with Allen (vs Brown). He's a rookie who has looked better by the week. Gates has been consistent but in his 2 best weeks he/Rivers exploited 2 of the worst D's in the NFL. Woodhead's production the last couple weeks has been more out of necessity than gameplan, though he will certainly remain a factor.

With the way Rivers is playing this year in a new offense, you cant overlook the production when it comes to FF. It reminds me of a poor man's Packers' offense really. Everybody will likely get their numbers each week, its just a matter of figuring out the 1 or 2 that blow up. When it comes to this offense in particular, I favor Gates and Allen in that regard on a weekly basis.

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They're both so-so receivers in a good offense that spreads the ball around a lot. I see no reason for anybody to emerge as "the guy." They lost their crack at that when DX went down. :shrug:

Makes anyone available a decent dice roll if you're in a pinch, but makes any of them risky to rely on. That's just gonna be SD for you this year, IMO.


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