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Who's the Top Pick now in Dynasty Drafts? (1 Viewer)

For Dynasty/Keeper Leagues

  • L Johnson, KC

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  • S Alexander, Sea

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  • L Tomlinson, S D

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  • R Bush, NO

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  • Total voters
Seattle is a bit weaker on the OL but they picked up WR Nate Burleson and OLB Julius Peterson.

San Diego lost Brees and have to start playing the wonder-kid Rivers, which is better or worse now for LT?

Johnson should be the starter from Day 1 of this upcoming season but can he continue where he left off from last year for a full year?

Bush? Can he make a big enough splash right away to be considered top-4 material?

Any one else to consider? Maybe Barber? Maybe........???

1. Johnson (just wait for a full year of stats)

2. Alexander (proven over last 5 years)

3. Tomilson (deserveing but could drop out of top 5 this year)

Bush is a waste of a pick in top 5! (or first round)

A new dynasty league from the start would have a vet draft and rookie draft. Bush would be in the rookie draft. I would like to play in a league with those who would draft Bush over LT, LJ or SA.

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